Uncut Gems – Review

Uncut Gems is a film with panic attack nuances. Uncut Gems tells of a shop owner who sells jewelery named Howard Ratner (Adam Sandler) who just got a shipment that he had been waiting for dozens of months, a package of multi-colored opal from Ethiopia, 4 to 5 thousand carats, aged approximately 100 million years. Unfortunately, Kevin Garnett (yes, this is the original NBA player Garnett, he plays himself) who was stopping by to look for goods in his shop at that time, immediately hooked with Howard’s opal, he forced to borrow it and handed the NBA’s Championship ring as collateral for Howard, Garnett promised he only needed it for one week, he needed an amulet for the match.

Howard did not move, even though he wanted the auction to start early next week with the expectation of change in the amount of one million dollars. And now the loan shark has been banging on the door of his shop, he is rightly also having lots of loans elsewhere, one of which is Arno (Eric Bogosian) who is his own cousin who must use extra credit to collect his money from Howard. Not because he was afraid of Howard, but he knew that if there were no threats of violence, this debt case would not be resolved. Howard had no choice but to pawn Kevin Garnett’s ring which was very surprising, he did not do it so he could immediately hold cash to immediately pay Arno, but he did to be able to place a bet. Games Online dan Offline

Not yet, Uncut Gems clearly shows that a bad situation will happen. How else, Howard is indeed a crazy person. But instead of seeing him as reckless and crazy about all his decisions, I think Safdie Brothers has created a really strong character that is rarely found in films. Adam Sandler through Howard not only presented a memorable act, but his character from the beginning showed someone with principles. The principle is crazy. And he was really strong there.

Uncut Gems
Uncut Gems

Howard’s gambling always sounds out of the ordinary, but he knows what he’s doing. All the consequences that have pursued him until now are not the consequences he has to bear due to the wrong decision, because maybe he has prepared this to happen and how to respond. Howard adapted to dangerous life, which he sometimes knew would threaten him, his shop, or his family. But he always returned. Living like this is his choice as he said: This is how I win.

Rhythm and tempo Uncut Gems became the main reason for the popular movie. Penetrates quickly for up to 2 hours as if not felt. The film exposes us to the most extreme consequences which then move to consequences in other forms. Problems are piled up with mess and exploding like complications. Uncut Gems is beating fast and racing in time. Yes, time is an important element in this film, combined with other quirky things like expensive jewelry, fake watches, the NBA, and The Weeknd. This movie is DOPE!

Adam Sandler was at the peak of his acting here, as the rottentomatoes said that he was brilliant if given suitable material. Safdie’s not wrong if they say they have prepared this slot for him since 10 years ago. Sandler was born for this, for Howard and his partner’s teeth, the apes who although he was very chaotic, his affair (played by Julia Fox as Julia) remained loyal there ready to do anything for it, for the sake of the super-big plan of the final part of the film which was covered by epic climax.

Howard’s capitalist brain did not recognize the brakes when he saw a greater opportunity, and this bastard finally learned that debts and all the gambling he did not only risked tossing about the economic situation, but also the emotional state of others.

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