Tokyo Ghoul S – Review

In the movie Tokyo Ghoul, we see Ken Kaneki’s decision to live in the shadows. After defeating Mado and Amon, Kaneki is classified as a dangerous Ghoul and will be killed if his human identity is known by CCG, a special unit that handles Ghoul.

Although Kaneki had accepted his fate as a Ghoul, now he was confronted by Shu who knew that the blood of a half-Ghoul human felt very good. Here, Kaneki sees that the Ghouls living in the shadows have a very sadistic way to eat the humans they hunt. On the other hand, we can also see the development of Nishio’s character who was about to kill Kaneki. Nishio turned out to have a human boyfriend that he protected to death. Ghouls are destined to be at the top of the food chain after humans. This is where the Ghoul characters and humans look for the best way to defuse avoiding conflict and staying afloat.

Tokyo Ghoul S is famous for presenting some sadistic scenes. This manga and anime are indeed famous for having quite a lot of scenes. In this second film, Shu who tried to hunt down Kaneki displayed quite a memorable tension. Games Online dan Offline

The choreography in Tokyo Ghoul S seems too intense. In the first film, the battle scenes are reduced with the addition of animation so that it can play safely when displaying agile movements. In this second episode, Shochiku unfortunately uses the help of tools like slings to draw characters and look stiff on the screen.

Although the choreography is unsatisfactory, Tokyo Ghoul S adheres to a scene that is quite the same as an anime adaptation so that the treats they present appear quite satisfying for fans.

Overall, Tokyo Ghoul S provided an adaptation that struck the hearts of fans who took part in the franchise. The development of characters, scenes, and approaches that are quite detailed in the film by Takuya Kawasaki and Kazuhiro Hiramaki makes fans can look forward to the next film.

The storyline in the Tokyo Ghoul S unfortunately has not provided an interesting pressure. But as a live action, this series is a good introduction. Fans who follow the storyline are certainly curious about the next story. If you look at this cultivation, the story round to the end of Kaneki’s fate as a human being can be alluring later.

For those of you who are still unsure of the live action dish, this Tokyo Ghoul S movie has succeeded in developing characters and bringing a story that is quite touching. Now all that remains is to wait for Shochiku to release a sequel film which will be decorated by many new characters and bring Kaneki to the most memorable scenes throughout the Tokyo Ghoul manga and anime. This live action film has a rating of 17 years and over. So, it is not suitable to be witnessed by children because it contains elements of violence, cannibalism, and gore scenes.

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