Abominable – Review

As a result of DreamWorks Animation’s first collaboration with Pearl Studio in China, Abominable films relied on an adorable animated adventure. Adjusted to attract both markets, the premise looks normal because it has been told many times. But the film shown is quite charming and touching from the beginning to the end of the story.

Abominable is a moving animated adventure about Yi (voiced by Chloe Bennet / Marvel Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D) a teenager from Shanghai who was closed after the death of his father. When he plans to travel around China, he finds a Yeti hiding on the roof of his apartment building.

Accompanied by two friends, Peng who likes basketball and the famous Jin, they embarked on an adventure to take the Yeti – named Everest – back to his hometown on Mount Everest. A difficult journey after the rich tycoon, Burnish and scientist Dr. Zara tried to capture Everest.

The beauty of the film lies in the bright colors and pictures that show the vastness of the countryside and the mountains being part of Yi and others’ journey. Not only shows the Great Wall of China as part of the beauty of the Bamboo Curtain Country, there are many interesting places that can be found throughout the story.

Starting Games Online dan Offline from Li River in Guilin, Yellow Mountain, Zhangjiajie National Forest Park in Hunan, and Leshan Giant Buddha presents its own magical power. Clearly more effort was made when the subtle and colorful image changes were felt when Giant Buddha was present in the middle of the film. What distinguishes this film with other animations is a fresh view of China that is made in detail and beautiful by DreamWorks and Pearl animators. And again, to give the impression of a touch, there is the strains of ‘Fix You’ and Chris Martin’s voice makes it feel emotional and warm.


From animation to the theme of nature, everything always refers to one message: humans who want to subdue nature. The evil party in this film comes with a cliché and predictable motive, although there is a slight twist at the end. All of them contain important messages for children; how to be friendly with nature. Not surprisingly, writer and director Jill Culton carries conservationist messages about how to leave exotic animals in their natural habitat. Interspersed with a beautiful journey around China to Everest, this film shows that the beauty of nature and everything in it must be maintained, like the Yeti who must return to their habitat.

Indeed, the simple premise of making this film the same as other children’s films. Narration may not be the strongest part in this film. Plots that are easy to guess and details that are sometimes lost (can you climb the top of the Himalayas with only a jacket without food / drink?), The core story about traveling across China has been repeatedly described by other works.

Smooth, beautiful, and imaginative graphics can anesthetize viewers for 87 minutes of film running. The comedy part also comes in various ways, sometimes nickels, but some are able to make laughs. Not all one-liners aimed at comedy needs can succeed. Sometimes it sounds like a cliche.

Abominable films are quite interesting. Easy for children to follow and fun enough for adult audiences. A simple narrative that is often used by other films, aided by sound effects and beautiful animations depicting Chinese nature besides the Great Wall of China. It should be an entertainment choice with family.

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