Student of The Year 2 – Review

The idea of ​​the film Student Of The Year 2 comes from a combination of the old Indian film Kuch Kuch Hota Hai with the film Jo jeeta Wohi Sikander. Filming was taken on campus, but the question of their campus was full of dancing, fighting, romance, but there wasn’t a single scene about lectures in the classroom.

There is a first scene in class but it is not on a fancy campus but on a different campus. If there is a campus like in this film, students and college students are certainly very happy, because there are no lectures, lecturers are not visible.

The Student Of The Year 2 film is still as cool as the first film in terms of visualization. Very spoil the eyes with the property, wardrobe, and visualization of the players. But unfortunately, the story did not develop massively.

The characters of Tiger Shroff and Aditya Seal as rivals are very strong, but not for the two companion actresses. Although related to each other, Ananya’s personality in her character is still not strong enough, so is the character of Tara. In the early part of the film, the character of Tara stands out, different in the middle to the end where the character weakens.

Student Of The Year 2 tells about victory, love and betrayal. Rohan Sachdev (Tiger Shroff) and Mridula (Tara Sutaria) studied together since school at the Pishori Chamanlal campus. Both fell in love with each other and Mridula changed her perception of learning and lecturing. Mridula enrolled and was then accepted on the prestigious St Teresa College campus. Games Online dan Offline

Rohan also wanted to be accepted at the prestigious campus but knowing that the fees there were too expensive, he undo his intention. Having an unyielding nature, he tries another fortune by finding ways to become a student of St Teresa College from the sports quota (Kabaddi). Finally Rohan succeeded, he was accepted at the cool campus.

Being a cool student on a prestigious campus made Rohan realize that Mridula had changed. Rohan is separated from her idol girl Mia, Mridula’s name. However, in a short time Rohan won his heart and they both returned to being lovers.

Meanwhile, Rohan became acquainted with the athlete and star on campus, Manav Mehra (Aditya Seal). They quickly become friends, but Manav’s sister, Shreya (Ananya Panday), doesn’t like that. He always tried everything he could to get Rohan into trouble.

During the dance competition on campus, Rohan and Mia became a team, while Manav and Shreya also became a team. They both joined the prestigious championship on this campus.

For the two girls, winning the competition is very important. Mia wants to be popular and win the competition is one way to achieve popularity. Shreya, wants to win this dance competition to show that he can be as successful as Manav (his over-achieving brother).

Manav and Shreya won the contest. Mia failed to maintain her balance (hand grip) while dancing. Mia is very devastated and when Rohan goes looking to console her, she finds Mia and Manav hugging each other together. This made Rohan angry and hit Manav. This is the real conflict begins. The actions Rohan took on Manav had him expelled from campus. Manav is still not satisfied fighting with Rohan. With his gang he wants to defeat and close the campus gate for Rohan for ever.

For those who need entertainment, the film Student Of The Year 2 is perfect for watching with people closest!

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