Uri : The Surgical Strike – Review

With a minimalist budget this film is the maximum result. As a spectacle, this film is compelling. Actually there are several types of war genres that become classics including the film Border, Loc Kargil, which is really old school movie Haqeeqat (1964) etc. Only in this era, CGI is already sophisticated, so URI is more fun to watch.

Salute to Aditya Dhar, this is his debut film as a director, this film can become boring if the writing and speech is wrong and cool, he succeeded in 2 aspects.

The film was taken from what happened in 2016 ago and in the first round I was less clear with the storyline, because I do not know how the original incident. But the second round made me understand and the film was even more fun and the last 30 minutes were devastating and triggered andrenalin plus my patriotism arose, I wanted to shout FREE! The scene when a female pilot Seerat Kaur came to rescue the troops at a crucial moment made me dug dig, cool nature!

This Games Online dan Offline film is about an Indian counterattack for a Pakistani terrorist attack at the URI camp in 2016. The attack was planned for only 11 days and was executed brilliantly! Major Vihaan Singh, a soldier desperate and not afraid to die, plans to retire because his mother is suffering from Alzheimer’s and he wants to treat his mother. Vihaan’s sister, Neha, also took care of the mother. Neha has a little daughter and her husband is also a soldier.

The Prime Minister prohibits Vihaan from retiring early and the mayor is assigned to Delhi in the domicile of his mother! The tragic incident when Vihaan in delhi, terrorists attacked URI camp and many Indian soldiers were killed including his brother-in-law, Neha’s husband. The tension was high, the government had to take the option to attack or forget, but under the command of the major Vihaan and assisted by female intelligence officers, they carried out the third option, a silent and sudden attack!

Watch action scenes, wars and attacks that are exciting and spurred andrenalin plus CGI is okay!

Vicky Kaushal performed her role coolly. His gesture, body and dialogue are 100% just like that of a real soldier. He works hard on the screen! Yami Gautam as Pallavi, Female Intelligence, beautiful, and looks smart. Paresh Rawal was determined as the head of the NSA, and there was the original chant of Paresh Rawal, you know, Swaroop Sampat as the boss of Major Vihaan who was sick of Alzhemeir. Then where is Parek Gohil as Neha, sister of Vihaan, bouncing too! Then as his little daughter, baby Riva Arora, ouch, I was mehek-mehe while looking for tissue when his father’s scene was killed and he saluted when he wanted to be buried using a military ceremony.

CHALLA song is amazing! Plus background music that adds to the effect of the film drama so cool. Cinematography is also laudable. The action scenes of war have Hollywood-style movies, what else do you want? Hurry to the movies! This is the coolest Bollywood war movie of this era. A true story that is slightly added to fiction so that it is fun to watch and the results are really good!

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