Notebook – Review

A melancholy story wrapped in a romantic drama. The story is told by a first-person perspective but is written in a notebook. The flow that is delivered is very good, although back and forth and so fast, but easily understood by the audience. The setting is very supportive in making films which lasts 115 minutes.

It opens with the journey of a man who is an ex-officer who wants to be involved in education, but is placed on a remote island. The island is rarely signaled, clean water or electricity crisis.

As a person who lives in the city is very unfamiliar with the new environment which is actually slum. Wular School only has 7 students consisting of various classes. Kabir as a new teacher found it difficult to call his students. He also had to look for students one by one who would return to school after being left by his old teacher.

Many Games Online dan Offline people are reluctant to teach in rural areas such as in Srinaga, not only as a place of food conflict, but also a little difficult. Kabir also learned a lot from the limited access he traveled.

At first he found it difficult to adapt, but after finding a notebook belonging to his old teacher he began to learn to adapt to students.

He also left the violence like in the military, which punishes when making mistakes and beating with rattan if not obedient. Students who study with Kabir start to get bored with how to teach him all-military. They think the teacher is very fierce, likes to punish and hit. Really it made Kabir rack his brain to re-familiarize himself with his students. He also used the same technique as a female teacher who had been a teacher for a year before quitting. Firdaus the name of the teacher who wrote his diary to drown his boredom, living alone in a remote city.

The days with small children are the most beautiful things even though they create a lot of problems with their romantic relationships. There is no internet connection and rarely meet her lover who will marry her. One day they had a big fight until they decided to let go of the relationship with him. Disappointed that Paradise had been exiled in remote areas because he had a small tattoo on his hand with a star on it. For him, stars have a special meaning.

Kabir really enjoyed the story from Firdaus’ notebook until one day he tried to find his whereabouts. But the surprising fact about Paradise plans to get married. He was heartbroken even though he had never met. But that love never goes out. Until one day he was determined to meet with Paradise, but unfortunately the tattoo on his hand had been erased so he could not meet.

This story is not only a matter of love that fights in silence, but about peace with oneself. Change the character with a state that is quite hard and concentrated. Stout men can be soft-hearted when together with small children.

The film also has a complex plot of an intelligent child who has difficulty being able to participate in learning, he who often gets harsh treatment from his parents. It turns out to have a very high temperament. The story of the film Notebook also inserts educational values, compassion, sharing with others, to love living things.

The shortcomings of this film is too much to tell with pictures and back songs. But the song is also fun to listen to. In addition, because the narrative style from a first-person perspective is limited, the audience must be able to guess the story and conclude with a satisfying ending.

Simple ideas packed with new things, very memorable. The greatest fear is not from mistakes made in the past, but letting yourself be trapped in terror and not caring enough for others.

Love grows anytime not only at first sight. Love can indeed sometimes not be seen but can be felt.

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