Deliver Us from Evil – Review

Deliver us from evil was taken from a novel by author Ralph Sarchie and Lisa Coolier Cool, entitled Beware the Night and was made in 2001. The novel tells a true story about what happened to Ralph Sarchie, a New York City police officer. He was assisted by Lisa Coolier Cool who is a journalist in making the novel.

The scene begins when there is a war between American soldiers and militants in Iraq. In the attack American soldiers named Santino, Griggs and Jimmy found a cave and entered it. Santino found writing on the wall which caused havoc later on.

A few years later in New York City, Ralph Sarchie (Eric Bana) is a police officer who has a wife named Jen (Olivia Munn) and a small child named Christina (Lulu Wilson). Sarchie is an atheist who does not want to go to church even though he was raised Catholic. Lately the relationship with his wife has not been very harmonious. Jen felt heedless and Sarchie was often not at home because of the assignments, especially the night picket. In a way, Sarchie loves his duties more than his family.

One day Sarchie and his friend, Butler (Joel McHale) handle cases of domestic violence. Jimmy, who was a former soldier, beat his wife, causing injuries and bruising. The scene of the case shows that there are many scratches or scratches on the floor. Games Online dan Offline

Next Sarchie handled the case of a mother who could throw her baby in a zoo. Jane (Olivia Horton) who is carrying her baby in a stroller unexpectedly suddenly picks up her baby and throws her into the lion’s den. Jane who was arrested was scratching or scratching where she was. He grumbled and said vaguely like someone possessed but Sarchie thought he was drunk or crazy.

A modern priest named Mendoza (Edgar Ramirez) comes to see Sarchie and introduces himself if he is Jane’s assistant pastor. It has been said that Jane has been normal, aka not crazy, but Sarchie still doesn’t believe it. He hoped that if Sarchie found odd things from the CCTV footage to contact him.

The next case is a family who hears voices from the basement like ghosts. The lights will turn off even though they have been repeatedly replaced. Sarchie’s courage to enter the room managed to find the figure of the body there which was none other than the painter the family had hired before and was named Griggs. Actually there were two people that were hired by painters and they hadn’t come in a long time.

Sarchie’s investigation found the fact that Griggs was the husband of Jane. Then Griggs is Jimmy’s friend and another person through an unknown photo named Santino. Furthermore, from CCTV recordings it is known that Santino met Jane in the zoo. Strangely, after seeing Jane throwing her baby, Santino worked painting again as if nothing had happened. Sarchie asks Mendoza for help to solve this puzzle.

On one side Sarchie often heard the sound of small children laughing and sometimes seeing someone on the cctv while others did not. Mendoza said that this was a high sensitivity but also quite dangerous because it was easily possessed. Investigations show that Santino experienced demon possession after seeing the wall posts while in an Iraqi cave. After being in New York Santino met with his friends and experienced possession too. Those who are possessed as if looking for or digging a place for the entry of demons.

Not unexpectedly that Christina, her daughter got terror by hearing voices from her room. His wife complained to Sarchie because he was rarely at home. And to make matters worse, his wife and children were abducted by Santino. Sarchie was furious and angry, it felt like to kill him but that would cause the location of the confinement to be unknown. Finally Santino was arrested.

Mendoza assumed that Santino was possessed by a demon and to expel him must first know the name of the demon. After a long interrogation, the demon name was obtained, Jungler. The exorcism was carried out in the police interrogation room with his hands tied to a chair. It takes a long struggle to do it and the result is good wins against evil. Satan has been released and the holding location has been obtained. His wife and child were found. A few years later Sarchie resigned from the police.

This film is not a horror film as emblazoned in the title. This film is a criminal detective film that is packed with supernatural. There are no ghosts or demons or monsters. There are only shocking audio and accompanying music, not scary visuals.  

Eric Bana’s game was pretty good and Edgar Ramirez’s performance was also pretty good. The sound and audio system is quite surprising even though in terms of visual images are not scary. So don’t think of this film as a horror or ghost movie even though the title has an evil element. What is quite interesting is the process of solving the puzzle, which is simple and uncomplicated. Including the ending of a happy ending and not long-winded to reach its peak.

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