Start Up – Review

The Korean film Start Up is a drama comedy genre featuring the acting of Park Jung Min, Jung Hae In and Ma Dong Seok.

Tells the story of a young man named Taek Il who lives alone with his mother. At the age of 18, Taek Il, who often disagrees with his mother, seeks to find his true identity by leaving the house. At that time, Taek Il’s plan was to find a job and have a better life than being with his mother. Taek Il then goes to Changnyeong.

In the city, Taek Il found work as a food delivery guy at a Chinese restaurant. He also met with Geo Seok, a chef at the restaurant. Initially, Taek Il and Geo Seok’s relationship could be said to be not good. But over time they can be friends. Various problems must be faced by Taek Il. The problems that came with him also varied from family problems to strangers.

Start Up itself is a film based on the webtoon. For the class of webtoon, the story is quite appropriate to be adapted through the show. Games Online dan Offline

Start Up
Start Up

The film directed by Choi Jeong Yeol is packaged with a simple storyline and premise that is quite close to real life. Where a teenager who will reach adulthood is not far from problems of relationships with parents, friendship until the future.

In addition, from the side of the story, Start Up also managed to play the audience’s emotions. Where the situation is sad, emotional and hilarious can coexist in a fairly tight time.

Regarding acting, the players in this film have given their best. Especially Ma Dong Seok who managed to show 2 different characters according to the scenario in this film.

However, due to the quite diverse problems in this film, it looks so branched and there are some that are not too influential in this film such as a matter of trafficking of underage girls to the mafia. The story also looks unfocused on the problem that should be a common thread in this film.

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