Black Hat – Review

Black Hat stars Chris Hemsworth as the main actor playing Nicholas Hathaway, a professional hacker who is a prisoner of the US government due to bank burglary. But this time he was asked for help by the FBI on the recommendation of an old friend of Hathway who worked at the Chinese Ministry of Defense named Ceng Da Wai (Wang LeeHom). This happened after a hack in the nuclear power system in China that caused a nuclear reactor exploded and donkey stock which suddenly rose to 250%. Da Wai and Hathaway worked with the FBI to dismantle the hacker syndicate identified as having used malware that had been created by Hathway and Da Wai during college.

The FBI, Da Wai, Hathaway and Li Wai’s sister Lien began to trace the hackers who turned out to act not alone. These hackers have formed groups spread across various countries, and are very dangerous. This hacker group is also trained to use firearms to protect themselves. What is quite confusing for Hathway and his team are the motives of these pereteas. Hackers hide their motives superbly, because there are no messages or threats that are political, sara, or financial.

One by one the trail of hackers took a team of investigators across cities in various countries. Starting from Los Angeles, Beijing, Silver to Jakarta. The difficulties faced were even more severe because Hathway as a temporary prisoner did not get permission to leave America. The investigation team finally secretly without help from the FBI to complete its mission.

The investigation team’s journey was also peppered with a love story between Hathway and Lein (Tang Wei). Lein was fascinated by Hathway’s intelligence and good looks, making her not want to be separated from him. Although finally Da Wai’s brother learned about the relationship between the two, but they remained focused on carrying out their mission of capturing cyber-crime without identity and without that motive.

The film worked by Michael Mann is presented in a fairly long duration of 133 minutes. With a long duration and complicated storyline, the audience seemed to be carried along on Hathway’s journey chasing hackers across the continent. The unique thing about this film is that it has an Asian feel more than Hollywood because most of the cast and locations are taken in China and Southeast Asia. Shooting and scenes are also done neatly, if you imagine the difficulty of the production team to shoot across countries with different conditions. Games Online dan Offline

The backsound effect also strongly supports the atmosphere of the film until the end. Bomb blasts or weapons sound real to bring the audience swept away in tension. A little minus for this film personally I say it comes at the end of the film. For some reason at the end of the film, the theme of technology war is like being removed and replaced by personal battle action. In addition, the dialogue between the actors also seems to disappear, very drastically compared to the beginning. The continuation of Hathaway as an FBI assistant is also not seen, and this has been experienced since the beginning of Hathway’s trip from Los Angeles to Beijing. As if the FBI did not participate in the case. In addition to Chris Hemsworth, Wang Lee Hom and Tang Wei, the film is also filled with other supporting actors such as Viola Davis, Holt McCallany, Ritchie Coster, and Yorick van Wageningen.

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