Snowden – Review

Director Oliver Stone, bringing Snowden’s heroic story to the big screen. This biopic film titled Snowden exposes the crime of the United States superpower in utilizing information technology.

The film opens with scenes of a meeting between Snowden (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) and Guardian journalist Glenn Greenland (Zachary Quinto) and documentary maker Laura Poitras (Melissa Leo) in the lobby of the Mira Hotel in Hong Kong. Not long after, the three headed to a room in the classy Hotel in the city of Hong Kong. And the interview began. That interview, where Snowden tells important fragments in the history of his life, which became the plot of this 134-minute biopic film.

Snowden is a patriotic youth. For the sake of channeling his patriotic soul, he had enlisted in the Army. Damn, an accident that caused his spine to crack makes Snowden have to let go of his dream of being a warrior. Games Online dan Offline

But the desire to serve the homeland did not discourage Snowden. He tried another way: becoming a member of the American Intelligence Agency (CIA). Because his brain was runny, he was immediately accepted. The CIA clearly needs its expertise in information technology. And because of that, he soon became a favorite student of CIA officials, Corbin O’Brian (Rhys Ifans).

Long story short, thanks to his intelligence, Snowden’s career quickly skyrocketed. As a consultant and senior advisor to the CIA. Also contract consultant at NSA. He was once assigned to Geneva, Switzerland, to look after the CIA computer network. He also contracted with the NSA to work in Japan.

Interestingly, in addition to the story of Snowden and various computer terms, Stone also inserted the romance of Snowden with his girlfriend, Lindsay Mills (Shailene Woodley), a smart girl who fell in love with photography. In their relationship, Snowden is described as conservative, whereas Lindsay tends to be liberal.

But, in fact, this film is about to convey an important message: how the US superpower uses information technology to establish its dominance throughout the world. First, the United States through the NSA intercepted and spied on its citizens and not a few residents of other countries. Including tapping famous figures, business leaders, celebrities, and political leaders.

How was it done?

NSA has a program called PRISM, which is a program to collect data (personal and contacts), conversations (chat, email, messenger), video uploads, photos, file transfers, etc. from the target person. How, NSA has access to internet providers, such as Microsoft (Hotmail, etc.), Google, Yahoo, Facebook, PalTalk, Youtube, Skype, AOL and Apple. Horrified right? With these data, the US (intelligence agency) as the holder of confidential data can suppress someone who is the target. For example, the NSA collects a person’s personal data, including if there are mistakes and sex scandals, to be used as a “button” to suppress that person.

NSA and British intelligence, Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), have a program called optic nerve that allows live broadcasts via laptop webcam, especially for Yahoo Webcam users. Even if the laptop is dead / not used.

NSA is also a program called XKEYCORE, a search engine program that resembles Google. The difference is that XKEYSCORE can search any data, including hidden data (email conversations, G-chat, etc.). This program can also read the traffic of visitors to a website.

Even more horrified, the US installed malicious software (malware) in communication systems and infrastructure technology in other countries, such as power plants, dams, hospitals, and others. This was done not only to enemy countries, such as Russia, China, Iran, Venezuela and Bolivia, but also allied countries: Japan, Mexico, Germany, Austria, and others.

“The idea is that if one day Japan is no longer an ally, the country can be extinguished,” Snowden said.

Imagine, a country can be chaotic without the need to send soldiers and indulge in a bang. This is a modern world war.

Secondly, this film also changes our perspective on war. War is no longer in the conventional sense, soldiers and cannon blows come face to face. But war with technological devices. For example, the US military can shoot targets that are far away on other continents, such as in Pakistan, only with the help of drones. The shooter doesn’t need to take shelter in the trench, but can lay sweet on the bed.

How did it happen?

In addition to the help of drones, it turned out that the NSA / CIA also collaborated with telecommunications companies, including cellphones. So, the target can be tracked via his cellphone. Then a program called “Epic Shelter” matches its precision.

War can be in the form of cyberspace battles between hackers. NSA itself has two hacker groups to deal with other countries, namely NTOC (defense) and ROC (invasion).

Third, through this film Stone also tried to reconstruct the notion of patriotism. Patriotism is not just by being a soldier, being sent to war, and fighting for the country. But a patriot is a person who dedicates whatever he has, including expertise and knowledge, to his country. He could have been an internet expert who fought against hackers from other countries.

Through this film, we know that what Snowden is fighting for is not only citizens’ independence. As he said: “I don’t want to live in a world where everything I say, I do, what I talk about with others, all expressions, love, friendship, are recorded.”

But Snowden also wants to tell us that all forms of wiretapping, or intelligence control over our lives, are not for a project called the “war on terrorism”, but rather a social and economic control to maintain the supremacy of the United States empire.

And Snowden has sacrificed his life, his salary and his looming career, to defend one of the fundamental rights of every human being: freedom and independence. He is willing to be a foreign guest in another country: Russia. He was willing to be labeled a “traitor” by the government of his own country.

We should be grateful to Snowden.

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