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Most of the films we watch are filled with fictional touches that often don’t make sense. But, the Searching film directed by Aneesh Chaganty appears different. Made in great detail. Almost the frame is a laptop or cellphone screen. Yes, that’s what our lives are like now. We prefer to mingle with laptop screens and cellphones, rather than socializing with neighbors or friends with intense meetings, lively chatter, and thunderous laughter. What is shown in this film feels so close to our daily lives.

This film tells the story of David Kim’s efforts to find his daughter, Margot Kim, who suddenly disappeared. The effort was made by David with Margot’s laptop capital. He broke into Margot’s social media passwords, searched for his daughter’s browsing history, short messages, and various folders on Margot’s laptop.

It was during this search that David realized that he did not know any of his daughter’s friends. With the help of sophisticated internet technology, David traced Margot’s friends’ phone numbers. Contacting them one by one, and no significant results can help the investigation of his daughter’s case. In other words, David realized that Margot did not have close friends.

Some scenes also display the awkward communication between father and son when they meet in person. This is inversely proportional to the smoothness of their communication via telephone or video call. David even learned the fact that his daughter had never taken piano lessons, after contacting her daughter’s tutoring place, even though every month David always gave piano lessons money to his daughter. At this point, we realize that father and son are not very close.

Margot Kim can be a reflection of our daily lives. In the real world, we don’t have many friends, we don’t have the confidence to ‘appear’ in public, especially in an unfamiliar environment for us. On the contrary, we are so confident ‘to appear’ through social media, and we feel more acceptable to cyberspace friends, even though we have never met them in person.

Technology separates the closeness between humans with one another. Often we make appointments together, but after meeting, we are busy with our respective gadgets. We create our own world, wherever we are.

On the other side, technology is a savior of lonely souls. Technology gives ‘friends’ that make us feel there, even meaningful in this world. Margot Kim also has the same story. Margot feels happy, and wants to be meaningful to her cyber friends. But unfortunately, this virtual world friend named Hannah has a fake identity. Hannah turned out to be a pseudonym from Robert, Margot’s childhood friend who (once again) had no confidence to be a close friend of Margot in the real world.

Robert created a fake account and fabricated a story that touched Margot’s heart. Margot, who intended to help Hannah, made an appointment. This is where the disaster happens: Margot is declared lost.

Searching, 100% Games Online dan Offline successful display technological sophistication that really helps in everyday life. Not just to write a thesis, but also to find missing people.

"Searching" Movie
“Searching” Movie

In this film, David Kim uses technology to search for contacts from Margot’s friends, Margot’s school, and even Margot’s childhood friends. In addition, David also managed to find places frequented by Margot through tumblr and gmaps. David also discovered some irregularities in the detective’s report through his search on the internet. Because of the search results, David was able to catch the mastermind of the tragedy that befell his daughter, and find her daughter alive.

Can you imagine how exciting this film is? a super duper fun thriller. The plot of the story really was taken very seriously. Alleged suspects were made in layers, but all were unexpected. And all solved through searching on the internet!

Finally, the mirror of today’s social life displayed by the Searching film is a viral trend!

How all Margot’s friends upload their opinions on social media, claim to be close friends, provide support that really makes the heart touched. And the impact, they get a lot of likes, comments, and followers. Honestly, we often like that too right? take advantage of a trend to add to our popularity on social media.

News of the disappearance of Margot which became trending topics, sparked debate in cyberspace. Many impromptu ‘observers’ think that the kidnapper was his own father. There is also a support for David Kim. Some even use this moment to offer their product services. Hmmmm … we often encounter something like this.

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