Memento – Review

Are you a fan of puzzles and secrets? If so, then you have to watch this Mystery and Thriller genre.
This film tells the story of a man named Leonard Shelby (Lenny) who is looking for a rapist and murderer of his wife, but Lenny has short-term memory so that he is often used by others for personal purposes.

This Memento film was made with two parts of the film namely flashback and current conditions. The condition is now made in color and the scene pieces are made backwards while the flashback is made in black and white and the scene pieces are made forward. The two parts of the film are made alternately, so that at the end of this film we find the midpoint of this film and become a link between flashback and current conditions.

The film begins by showing a scene that plays backwards, Lenny firing at Teddy and then photographing it. Previously, Teddy came and invited Lenny to a building. There Lenny killed Teddy based on the photo he brought with him saying that Teddy must be killed. Lenny wrote this because he was convinced that Teddy was the culprit which was strengthened by the data obtained from Natalie containing Teddy’s real name namely John Edward Gammell. The data was obtained after tracking the license plate number of the vehicle Lenny had written in his notes. Here makes us think that Teddy is the real culprit. But when we see the next scene, we begin to think something is strange about Natalie. Games Online dan Offline Before Natalie finally handed over the file to Lenny, there was a cut of the scene showing that Lenny attacked Dodd. It happened on Natalie’s complaint that he had been hit by Dodd. But looking back, it wasn’t Dodd, but it was Lenny, who was furiously provoked by Natalie. But at that moment Lenny forgot and didn’t have time to write it down because Natalie had hidden all the pens that were there, so Lenny assumed that Natalie had indeed been hit by Dodd. When the scene is made us think, Natalie could have been involved or the cause in the murder of his wife and began to doubt Teddy as the culprit.

In the next part of the scene, Natalie works in a bar and has a boyfriend of a drug dealer named Jimmy who is long gone after making a transaction. As the film progresses, it becomes clearer that Jimmy was killed by Lenny, who was used by Teddy. At the end of the story it was increasingly explained that Teddy was the police officer who assisted Lenny’s case. Actually, the culprit that was sought had been captured by Teddy and had long been killed by Lenny. But due to short-term memory, Lenny forgot and felt that the killer was still out there, so he continued to hunt and kill people who had the name John G. At that time, Lenny actually knew about the fact of the story from Teddy . However, because Teddy was mocked, Lenny finally deceived himself by saying that Teddy was the one who killed his wife. On one hand, Teddy’s real name also had the initials John G. In fact, Lenny’s wife survived the incident of violence by John G who actually and Lenny’s wife died due to excess insulin injections and due to fatigue facing Lenny.

The plot above is the current condition section (colored) and there are many answers that we will find if we pay attention to the flashback flow (black and white). We will find stories about Sammy’s life and other links between flashback and current conditions. This film is highly recommended for film enthusiasts who are full of puzzles and mysteries. The film, which has a duration of almost two hours, made me analyze the story about four hours after watching this film to find the answer to the storyline. This is indeed the style of director Christopher Nolan in offering films to his audience. The audience is made not only as people who watch but are made as detectives who pay attention and observe every second of the irregularities that occur. It’s a film that can not be imagined the production process, especially when compiling a story full of plot twist.

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