Yesterday – Review

Danny Boyle returns with his latest work titled Yesterday. Taking Richard Curtis as a writer, we will watch a romantic comedy fantasy film. All of them were showered with legendary Beatles songs.

Yesterday tells the musician Jack Malik (Himesh Patel), a singer and songwriter who struggles to introduce his music to everyone in the city of Clanton-on-sea. Her best friend since childhood, Ellie (Lily James) has always been loyal to support her. One day Jack was hit by a bus when electricity around the world went out for 12 seconds. For Jack it was just bad luck, until the next day he sang the song Yesterday from the Beatles band in front of his friends and no one knew. Games Online dan Offline

Jack is confused, whether he is being fooled or indeed everyone already does not remember the Beatles. But why only he who remembers the Beatles? Jack began to remember each note, the lyrics of the Beatles’ songs. Trying luck, he recorded the songs of The Beatles and distributed them assisted by Ellie.

Good luck approached Jack this time, Ed Sheeran found the music and really like the song Yesterday. Ed invited Jack to be the opening act at his concert. From there Jack’s name began to skyrocket and was targeted by Ed’s manager, Debra (Kate McKinnon).

Fastest rising, Jack was soon released his first album. But he felt overshadowed by guilt for not being honest with songs that were not his creations. Not to mention he had to leave his city and Ellie for Los Angeles. Is Jack happy with his status as a famous musician?

Yesterday’s film opens with Jack singing his song “Summer Song” and does not get a good response from the audience, but his friends still support him even though he teased and made us laugh.

The comedy? Everything fits and is not forced. The expressions of Jack’s friends when asked who the Beatles will make you laugh out loud. Not to mention when Jack tried to sing the song Let It Be in front of his parents who do not really care but must still support their children’s music career.

Who plays Jack’s parents? They are Sanjeev Bhaskar and Meera Syal, British comedians who successfully tickled the audience. Wait until you head to the Let It Be scene, getting ready to jump from the audience seat.

One of the strengths of Yesterday’s film is the Beatles’ songs. You will be spoiled by the band’s songs fronted by John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and George Harrison.

Every song of The Beatles that appears and is sung will surely make the audience quiet and listen attentively. This film is truly a tribute to the legendary band The Beatles. Oh yes, Jack visited the city of Liverpool, to Strawberry fields, Penny lane to the tomb of Eleanor Rigby. Fans of the Beatles will be very relate.

Yesterday’s film successfully treated longing for the Beatles. With a spice of fantasy and musicals, this film is so sweet and fun. Plus a compact cast line, fresh comedy, it’s a shame if you miss the film by Danny Boyle.

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