1987 : When The Day Comes – Review

The film 1987 : When The Day Comes based on true story. In 1987 there was a Movement for Democracy in June led by students in South Korea.

A doctor and a nurse who looked tense were in a van whose window was covered so they didn’t know where they were going. They were faced in a room of a young student who had no heartbeat in the wet conditions and had bruises on his body. The doctor failed to revive him. Communist eradication investigators who tortured the students panicked and wanted to immediately burn the corpse without an autopsy. The investigators immediately went to prosecutor Choi Hwan (Ha Jung-Woo) to approve it, but the prosecutor held fast to the rules and continued to reject him even though the leader of the communist eradication organization Park Cheo-Won (Kim Yun-Seok) continued to pressure him.

The death of the student would later lead to one of the biggest political upheavals in South Korean history because he was fed up with the dictatorship of his then president Chun Doo-hwan.

The story does not only revolve around students but journalists, doctors, prosecutors, prison guards and finally office workers who previously became silent majority took to the streets to demonstrate. The journalists deftly and amidst the threat of banning from the army, looking for various evidence that led to the death of the student, although police continued to cover it up under the pretext that the student had a heart attack. Prison guards who guard prisoners accused of being communists, helped by smuggling various information to the rebels. Various characters emerge and this branched plot slightly causes confusion from the audience. Games Online dan Offline

This fast and tense political thriller emphasizes the struggles of the students and is sweetened with sweet romance when young student Yeon-hee (Kim Tae-ri) is suddenly caught up in a demonstration where she is being chased by the police but saved by the police one of the student leaders of democracy fighter Lee Han-yeol (Gang Dong-won).

Films from South Korea are skilled at stabbing hearts of viewers, how can we see when the cremated student still doesn’t want to dissolve into the river because it has frozen. The audience was also grimaced and angry to see investigators from the eradication of the communists torturing their prisoners and as is the custom in various countries labeling communists to opposition who oppose the government or vice versa, as if the communist eradication organization was only a government tool in capturing the opposition. Finally, of course the ending scene where the footage of the original event is shown which can make the eyes of the viewers drown and not a few who shed tears.

Closing with a thrilling and creepy climax, 1987: When the Day Comes is a tribute to the parties, especially students who fight for justice and democracy in the midst of a dictatorship.

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