Friend Zone – Review

Friend Zone tells the friendship between Palm and Gink. The two of them have been friends since high school, ranging from skipping class together, to Palm willing to accompany Gink to accompany his father out of town.

Their friendship is considered more by Palm. He actually kept feeling to Gink but was afraid to express it. When expressing feelings, he was afraid their friendship was broken, and Gink always said “Isn’t being a friend enough?”

10 years they have been friends, Palm faithfully heard complaints about Gink’s impression of his girlfriend, Ted. Ted is a music producer working on songs in various languages. Gink suspects Ted is having an affair with one of the singers he works with.

One day Gink followed Ted to Myanmar, Malaysia and Hong Kong. Obviously asking Palm for help, without doubt he always obeys all Gink’s requests. Will Palm be honest with Gink? Who would Gink choose, Ted or Palm?

Chayanop ‘Mu’ Boonprakob succeeded in making a romantic comedy film that is very relate to everyone’s life. Of course one of your friends must be trapped in an alias friendship zone often called Friend Zone.

You will be made to laugh by typical Thai comedy, acting silly and followed by witty sound effects. Various scenes will make you laugh, like Palm and Gink being chased by monkeys to Gink who jumps from the level bus to the billboard. Games Online dan Offline

Not merely laughing we are carried away with Palm’s loyalty to Gink. When Gink is really hurt, Palm is always there for Gink. Not to mention that we’re going to be annoyed with Palm why not immediately express our feelings while there is an opportunity. Well that’s where our feelings will be stirred while watching them.

The most special part of the film Friend Zone is the extraordinary chemistry that captivates from Pimchanok Luevisadpaibul / Baifern and Naphat Siangsomboon / Nine. The audience can really feel like they really have been trapped in the friend zone zone for more than 10 years.

Nine Naphat Siangsomboon, besides her beautiful face so that the female audience would definitely be infatuated by her, acting very brilliantly. The look in his eyes signaled his deep love for his good friend, then again when he was in a “hot” scene with his good friend, it was clear he was very tense and at the same time having a high desire when dealing directly with his ideal woman. Pimchanok Luevisadpaibul / Baifern (Crazy Little Thing Called Love) which is said to be one of the most beautiful Thai actresses, also gave an excellent acting. He managed to portray someone who was upset because his girlfriend was suspected of having an affair, then thanks to him his chemistry with Naphat Siangsomboon / Nine flowed so perfectly.

The Friend Zone film also works with several countries, besides showing the cities of Bangkok, Chiang Mai and the beautiful Pulai Krabi. We are invited to tour neighboring countries such as Hong Kong, Malaysia and Myanmar.

At the beginning of the film you will watch the music video for Kid Mak, which is the song soundtrack for the Friend Zone film. There is something different about this song, there are 10 singers from various countries. The lyrics were adjusted from each country.

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