Month: March 2020

Photograph – Review

PHOTOGRAPH adalah kisah tentang dua orang yang berasal dari strata masyarakat yang berbeda yang bersatu berkat keadaan yang tidak biasa. Rafiq (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) adalah seorang fotografer di Gerbang India, Mumbai. Dia tinggal di perkampungan kumuh di sebuah ruangan kecil bersama oleh 3 orang lainnya. Nenek Rafiq (Farrukh Jaffar), yang berbasis di desanya di Uttar Pradesh, […]

Skin – Review

Based on a true story, the film Skin raises social issues about the skinhead community. Skin is adapted from the biography of a man named Bryon Widner or better known as Babs (Jamie Bell). The story begins with young Babs who are invited to take to the streets. Then, he was appointed to become a […]

Everybody Knows – Review

Everybody Knows, also known as Todos Lo Saben, is a Spanish-language film. This thriller-themed psychology film was written and directed by Asgar Farhadi, an Iranian filmmaker who is known for his film works often being subscribed to an Oscar winner and other film festivals such as; The Salesman, The Past, A Separation, and About Elly. […]

Before I Fall – Review

This mystery drama genre film is the work of director Ry Russo-Young based on a novel of the same name by Lauren Oliver in 2010. The film tells a 17-year-old teenager named Samantha. At his school, Samantha entered the popular girl gang that existed and was highly respected. Until one day, Samantha’s death came. Samantha […]

The Aeronauts – Review

The Aeronauts tells the old story of famous meteorologists from the United Kingdom in 1862. They are a pilot named James Glaisher and his co-pilot named Henry Coxwell. They make air balloon flights with a long distance to the sky of the City of London. They both even managed to break the world record. This […]

Honey Boy – Review

Honey Boy is a film written by Shia LaBeouf about her personal life with her father. In addition to writing the script, Shia LaBeouf also played a role as the father’s character in this film. The film Honey Boy was directed by Alma Har’el and will be starring Noah Jupe and Lucas Hedges. There is […]

Monos – Review

At the height of the mountains of Colombia, a group of teenage soldiers are trained and assigned to guard prisoners from the United States. The teenage group was named Monos, led by Lobo (Julián Giraldo) and followed by Rambo (Sofia Buenaventura), Leidi (Karen Quintero), Sueca (Laura Castrillón), Pitufo (Deiby Rueda), Pero (Paul Cubides), Bum Bum […]

Ash Is Purest White – Review

“You watch too many gangster films,” Qiao (played by Zhao Tao) told Bin (Liao Fan) in Ash is Purest White. However, you can be sure that Bin has never watched the gangster movie he is starring in. The film directed and written by Jia Zhangke is a great epic that is also a gangster film, […]

An Elephant Sitting Still – Review

Once upon a time, in China there was a city called Manzhouli. There was an elephant there who just sat and ignored the world. I was so impressed, this inspired the four protagonists of this film, to go there. But wait This film will not tell about how our four characters will go to Manzhouli, […]

Transit – Review

Transit is a German film. This drama genre film is inspired and adapted based on the novel by Anna Seghers using the same title. The film was chosen to compete in the 68th Berlin International Film Festival. The film Transit is directed by director Christian Petzold who also co-wrote the screenplay. This 101-minute film is […]