Month: February 2020

A Quiet Palace 2 – Review

One of the most awaited Hollywood films of 2020, the film A Quiet Place Part II has finally officially released its inaugural trailer. The film, which in 2018 successfully captured the attention of the audience with tensions, will soon be present in 2020. This trailer begins with a flashback of the first day of the […]

The Classic – Review

Of the many romantic Korean films that were thrown into the market throughout the 2000s, what made the most impression in memory? Almost certainly the majority of the answers dwell on My Sassy Girl, A Moment to Remember or maybe Windstruck. But, there is one Korean film whose romanticism is able to make me melt […]

Little Woman – Review

Little Women successfully displayed beautifully by Greta Gerwig. As a result, this film won 6 nominations at the Oscar 2020 title. Little Women tells the story of the lives of siblings from the March family after the civil war in the United States that took place in the 1860s. They are Meg, Jo, Amy, and […]

Gone Girl – Review

The film Gone Girl is a film directed by David Fincher, which focuses on the story of a wife who disappeared. Remarkably, when viewing this film is like playing a puzzle or even like riding a roller coster. Full of puzzles, mysteries, and don’t know what will happen next. For your information, this Gone Girl […]

Paddleton – Review

Starring Mark Duplass and Ray Romano, “Paddleton” tells the story of two men who are best friends. They are neighbors, where Michael (Duplass) lives downstairs while Andy lives right above his apartment room. They spend a lot of time together like eating pizza while watching a kung-fu movie, to playing Paddleton – a squash-like sport, […]

Marley & Me – Review

The newlywed couple John and Jenny Grogan (each played by Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston), moved from Michigan to West Palm Beach, Florida. They are both journalists in a local newspaper. A number of plans were in their minds: moving from a cold city to a Florida area offering warm sun. John seriously worked his […]

The Last Black Man in San Fransisco – Synopsis

The Last Black Man in San Francisco is an American drama film. The film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. No half-hearted, this film won 2 awards in the event. The awards obtained were the Best Director and Special Jury Prize for Creative Collaboration. The story of this film centers on the efforts of a […]

Street Dance 3D – Review

The Crew is a group of street dancers whose members consist of 10 people and often make money by dancing on the streets and then asking for money sincerely from the audience. Even though they often deal with security forces because in their actions they are considered to disturb public order, The Crew remains compact […]

Rocketman – Review

Not everyone knows Elton John’s real name is Reginal Kenneth Dwigth, because this musician did change his name legally because of his love for blues music. Rocketman‘s musical biopic by Dexter Fletcher even made the name question a vocal point. Mentioned in this film, even Elton John himself tried to ‘forget’ his first name. Because, […]

Where’d You Go, Bernedette – Review

Maria Semple’s book “Where You Go, Bernadette” is one of the best-selling books published in 2012. This story stretches across several continents and jumps up and down, over a period of about 20 years. Where’d You Go Bernadette said not with the narrative of the novel in general, but through a series of emails, letters, […]