The King (Netflix) – Review

If you are fans of the medieval film genre (British Empire in the Middle Ages), The King that airs on Nefflix is ​​worth watching. This film tells the story of how difficult it is to be king in England in the Middle Ages.

The story in this film pivots on the life of King Henry V, played by Timothee Chalamet. This film tells the early days of Henry V’s leadership as king.

Before accepting the throne from his father, King Henry IV, the man who was later known to be named It was a drunken young man. Yes, Hal did feel fed up with the royal life. He could not enjoy life as a blue blood.

In the beginning of the film, Hal would be seen sleeping in a decrepit building, which was in the vicinity of the British slums at the time. Apparently Hal was running away from the kingdom. Games Online dan Offline

As the first child, and heir to the throne, Hal was no longer a projection of his father to become king. If without an investigation of his troops in the kingdom, King Henry IV did not know the whereabouts of his eldest son. In fact, the crown of British power will be handed over to his younger brother Thomas.

Knowing this, Hal felt unacceptable. No, not because he is very greedy, and wants to be king. Hal’s rejection was because he felt he understood the nature of his sister. It is considered Thomas is a kind-hearted individual but tends to be indecisive.

Until finally Hal himself could not avoid accepting the throne of the king. Because his younger brother, Thomas, died on the battlefield. When his father faced death’s death, Hal was appointed king. He then bears the name of King Henry V. Various interesting choices he had to decide. With one goal, to unite all countries in the UK.

The role of Timothee here is truly tested. The 23-year-old man has been known for his pretty good acting. Especially after he starred in the film, Call Me by Your Name. But when Timothee was prepared to play King Henry V, discordant voices appeared in the public.

Many people consider the role does not fit in with Timothee who still looks like a child. However, Timothee seemed to prove to the public that he was an actor who could play anything. Including when he had to become King Henry V ,. In the film Timothee was proven to be able to show that he could also play a heroic character. Like a real English king.

Another surprise was also shown by the ability of Timothee’s colleagues in this film, namely Robert Pattinson. The man who is more familiar with the image of a vampire seemed to be able to escape from the shadow of Edward Cullen’s character. Patinson’s role as a cruel Prince of France, managed to shake the emotions of the audience.

When you see this film maybe you will also think the same about the character of The Dauphin, played by Patinson. Even though he is portrayed as a stupid prince – who doesn’t even know how to draw a sword – but his strategy against British soldiers deserves a thumbs up. Especially, when Dauphin was about to send a signal to the British soldiers to surrender immediately. He uses a killing strategy, one of the children becomes their slave, and sends the head of one of them.

Eits, this film is indeed that passionate. So for those of you who are reluctant to see blood, get ready to close your eyes. Moreover, Netflix does not provide adequate sensors on this film. The film itself has a Teen rating, aka 18+. Rotten Tomatoes review website gives 71 percent value on the film The King. With a total audience percentage of 85 percent. How interested are watching it?

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