For you lovers of war films and history, Dunkirk is one of the films that you can make a list of films that you can watch. This film is the first historical film by director Christopher Nolan, who also acts as a screenwriter.

Dunkirk itself is a military operation that took place in Dunkirk, France. This military operation was known as The Battle of Dunkirk which occurred during World War 2, which began on May 26 to June 4, 1940.

In the film, it is said there were more than 400 thousand British soldiers and Anglers at the time of the Second World War who were displaced in Dunkirk. They are waiting for a miracle of rescue action or until they die.

Uniquely, in this film is told from three points of view, namely The Mole (land), The Sea (sea), and The Air (air). Each angle also has a different time span from each other, namely 1 week for on land, 1 day for at sea and 1 hour for air. Although the audience will be confused with the plot, but the tense atmosphere since the beginning of the film can certainly hypnotize you to enjoy the film and the plot. Games Online dan Offline

Ground View (1 Week)

In this perspective, it is said that there were six soldiers walking on the streets of Dunkirk. They walked through abandoned houses to find food. Until finally five soldiers were shot by German soldiers. Tommy, played by Fionn Whitehead, had to survive alone.

On his way to protect himself from bomb attacks dropped from the air, he saw many dead soldiers lying on the streets and beaches. Until finally he saw Gibson (Aneurin Barnard) who was burying another soldier on the beach. That’s when Tommy helped Gibson, and the journey to save themselves began.

In order to be evacuated from the gripping area, Tommy and Gibson pretended to be medical personnel when they found a wounded soldier. By taking him to the ship, they can also be evacuated. But unfortunately Tommy and Gibson have not succeeded. Luckily they could hide behind the rock breaking waves until another ship came. Amid hopes Tommy and Gibson waited for the ship to be evacuated, unfortunately the ship was hit by a bomb attack by the German army and sank. Tommy and Gibson also managed to save one of the soldiers named Alex (Harry Styles).

The story of the three of them began by working together to save themselves. Within a week the three soldiers fought to save themselves so they could be evacuated.

Sea Viewpoint (1 Day)

Taking angle at sea tells the story of a marine named Dawson (Mark Rylance) who sails using his private ship with his son named Peter (Tom Glyne-Carney) who wants to save the soldiers. Dawson and Peter needed one day to save the soldiers.

Air Viewing Angle (1 Hour)

The third viewpoint is the story of a Royal Air Force pilot named Farrier (Tom Hardy) and Collins (Jack Lowden) who struggle to defeat enemy fighter planes. Unfortunately Farrier was paralyzed by the Germans so Collins left him and fought alone. Within an hour they engaged in air combat.

In the end, Collins’s plane ran out of fuel and had to make an emergency landing at sea. It was here that he met Dawson and Peter. It is also at this time, the actors from these three points of view meet at sea. So, how did the action of saving the soldiers end?

In addition to Tom Hardy, who is already known for his outstanding acting, the film Dunkirk is the first film for actor Fionn Whitehead and One Direction personnel, Harry Styles. But unexpectedly many positive comments for the two players who played their roles very well. Coupled with a touch of scoring from Hans Zimmer, of course this film is able to make the audience come to feel the tension.

The film, which is a production from four countries, namely, the United Kingdom, America, the Netherlands and France, is also included in the nomination of several film venues which will later compete with other films in several categories.

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