Earthquake Bird (Netflix) – Review

Tokyo has always been a favorite place. I don’t know what it’s called, but the tourists are always eyeing the Japanese capital. Including Lucy Fly (Alicia Vikander), a translator who is working on language translation for a film called Black Rain. An interesting beginning of the story. Thinking a drama story, but who is this Sangkat a complicated story. The following is a review or review of the film Earthquake Bird.

As a person who does not talk much and is quiet, Lucy Fly, apparently has a close friend in Tokyo. City that still feels new to him. Despite feeling new, but his meeting with a photographer named Teiji (Naoki Kobayashi) slowly changed his life.

The awkward Lucy, and the real Teiji. At first only looked at each other, but both of them knew, each of them had a feeling. However, everything turns gloomy when, Lily (Riley Keough), a close friend of Lucy Fly, disappears.

The ongoing investigation makes the loss of Lily leads to Lucy. On the basis of which is still questionable. Lucy must then try to find the answer herself. Inviting the audience to solve the mystery, who is Lucy really? Does he really work as a translator? One more thing, why Japan?

This Netflix production film has a genre of drama, crime and mystery. Sure enough, the film Earthquake Bird combines all the elements that exist as a mystery film. It starts with an emotional romantic melodrama story. A concept of cultural change that does not even show its true form. Up to solving difficult mysteries. Games Online dan Offline

But, still, the film adapted from the novel titled “The Earthquake Bird” by writer Susanna Jones did not run completely smoothly. The main concept of the film is about a murder mystery that must be solved, but leaves many holes in the plot of the story. A film that can actually be understood by film fans who are used to ‘thinking’. However, it is not necessarily acceptable for those who really like a movie that is ‘entertainment’. Plus, this film has a plot that is not focused. A mystery that is really difficult to solve.

Overall this film presents a random composition that makes the audience save the mystery. Apart from these few notes, Earthquake Bird has some interesting points stored in the story.

Alicia Vikander actually appeared neatly playing the role of a woman who was awkward, cold and save her frustration. He considers himself as part of human bad luck. Hoping never to be born and blown spirit. Next, Alicia Vikander also looked fluent in Japanese, in accordance with what was the object of her work, a translator.

Although it may seem chaotic and a gloomy mystery, this film is actually a development point where one human character is viewed from the mental side. Explore how someone who is frustrated and lost in the way they live.

It’s just that it is still hampered how the development of Lucy’s character which in the long run will make the audience feel bored. Again, the audience will be trapped and wonder, “who is this Lucy?”

Take the setting of Tokyo in the late 80s. A classic portrayal of Japan truly spoiled the eyes, behind the gloomy character played by Alicia Vikander. The use of two interesting languages, namely English and Japanese also facilitate some parts of this film. An interesting combination and maybe a little sending back some pleasant moments in Tokyo.

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