The Negotiation – Review

The film opens with a hostage incident in Seoul. Ha Chae-yoon came to the scene in the middle of her day off. Chae-yoon also tried to enter the house and negotiate with two of the hostage-takers so that they would release one of their hostages. Unfortunately, this failed because the SWAT police team shot one of the criminals directly, which ended up with two hostages who were also killed by the criminals.

After the incident, 10 days later Ha Chae-yoon had to deal with Min Tae-gu, a high-class criminal who took two Korean citizens hostage, one of whom was Chae-yoon’s own boss. Some scenes in The Negotiation can be said to be quite anxious and tense, with the presence of some plot twist makes this film quite fun and interesting. The problem is making this film like having its own rollercoaster and not just flat. Games Online dan Offline

The Negotiation
The Negotiation

The Negotiation film stole the attention because it starred veteran actors whose acting quality is no doubt. Hyun Bin successfully explores the character as a bad and cruel Min Tae-gu. His eyes, facial expressions, body gestures, all successfully played nicely by this 36-year-old actor.

While his co-star, Son Ye-jin, did not lose his acting as much as Hyun Bin’s. As the best negotiator in Korea, Ye-jin is able to play this character totally and professionally. Hyun Bin even praised Ye-jin’s totality for willingly cutting his hair short for the sake of this film. Though it was not requested by the director, but Ye-jin did it in order to animate his role.

For the visual aspect, this film seems to deliberately take a rather dark filter to adjust the storyline of the film which has a criminal and mystery genre. Even though it looks dark, the cinema looks clean and clear, providing an interesting cinematic experience for the audience.

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