Me Before You – Review

This film is an adaptation of a bestseller novel by Jojo Moyes of the same name. Film Me Before You stars Emilia Clark as Louisa Clark and Sam Claffin as Will Traynor.

Louisa Clark is an ordinary girl with a slightly unique appearance who was forced to be fired from the local cafe where she worked because the cafe went bankrupt. Armed with his lack of expertise he went to the employment agency to get a new job, he even got a vacancy to take care of a rich disabled person from the Traynor family. Jobs that do not really require expertise within 6 months with a decent salary.

Thanks to the enthusiasm for work that Louisa showed she finally got a job to take care of Will Traynor. At first Louisa’s presence was not something pleasant for Will. Louisa’s cheerful and talkative nature and her desire to try to get closer to Will made her sick. Until one time Will’s ex-girlfriend came with Will’s best friend came to tell Will if they were going to get married soon, Will’s emotions peaked and deliberately broke all of his figurines.

Louisa tried to fix the broken figure with glue but Will was not happy about it. Will yelled at Louisa and said that he did not want Louisa to be by his side, even to repair the figure he deliberately damaged. Hearing that, Louisa said that if she would not go because the employer was not Will but Will’s mother, Camilla Traynor and Louisa really needed money at that time.

Me Before You
Me Before You

Will was a little moved and began to accept Loisa in his way. From there, Will and Louisa began to close, they exchanged stories even though Louisa was the one who told her life very often. About his interest in fashion, his work and his monotonous daily life. Will also commented if Louisa’s life is more terrible than his life. Working, accompanying Patrick – Louisa’s girlfriend – ran even though Louisa really hated running, went home and was always repetitive. They were getting closer, until one day Louisa overheard a conversation between Will’s mother and father about Will’s decision to end his life through the Swiss suicide organization, the dignitas. Games Online dan Offline

Louisa’s knowledge about this matter is kept secret by her and she prefers to tell this to her sister, Katrina Clark. Hearing Louisa’s story Katrina also suggested that Louisa had to make Will enjoy his life despite his current condition. For this advice, Louisa proposed several trips and plans that Will could do to Will’s parents. They agreed.

The pneumonia suffered by Will attacked him suddenly after several plans he did so Louisa changed her travel plans and took Will to Mauritius with the doctor who used to take care of him, Nathan. On the night before the happy holiday ended, Louisa revealed, she loved Will. But Will expressed his desire to end his life, he really liked being with Louisa but he could not be in a wheelchair forever.

Louisa was angry and hurt until she remained silent for the rest of the journey. After returning, Louisa resigned from her job and does not require payment for her work so far on Camilla Traynor.

After talks with his father, Louisa decided to visit Will last time in Switzerland. At the end of his life Will said that the last 6 months was the most beautiful time for him. Will died and left a legacy for Louisa, Will hopes Louisa can continue his education, start a new life and not too often to think about Will. The film ends with Louisa in a Parisian cafe sitting in the corner recommended by Will while reading his will.

Neatly packaged, this film teaches that if you love someone it doesn’t mean you have to hold the person you love to stay. Letting go of someone we love does not mean we stop loving him, but that’s where the true meaning of love is. This film is suitable for watching with family, friends and even couples. The flow is light and makes every viewer dissolve in it and feel the same emotions as if playing a role in this film. Enjoy watching.

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