The story begins when Ray Monroe (Sam Worthington) with his wife Jo and their son Peri on their way home from thanksgiving. They travel ‘splitting’ the country by car. In the middle of the trip, they stopped by a rest area. That’s when Peri fell and broke his hand. They immediately rushed their children to the nearest hospital.

At the hospital, Ray found a lot of oddities. Ranging from long-winded receptionist services, asking for information that is not related, to the matter of willingness to donate organs.

After Peri were examined, there was nothing to worry about, but just in case the doctor asked for an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scan. However, due to hospital policy, other than patients, only one person is allowed to accompany him to the scan room. Ray also let his wife to accompany their baby.


While waiting for the scan to finish, Ray fell asleep in the waiting room. When he awoke he also asked the whereabouts of his family. The hospital said that there had never been a patient named Peri and that Ray had come to the hospital without anyone. Even more surprising, they stated that Ray had come to have him examined by accident, not to check on his son. Games Online dan Offline

Since the first minute the flow felt so slow. It only contains boring conversations between a husband, wife and young children. Not much interesting. Until when Ray was distraught looking for his family and finally involved the police, the doctor on duty, even a psychologist. Ray suspects the hospital is engaging in illegal practices of harvesting and selling human organs. Especially when the hospital said that he came alone and his family was never there. Psychiatrists who intervened suggested to start the search from where his son, Peri, had an accident. Namely in the construction of buildings near the rest area where they stopped before. At the location they found a lot of blood stains. The psychologist told Ray that what really happened to Ray was that he killed his family. That’s because Ray has a little problem with alcohol. But Ray insisted that his version of the story was true and he felt his mind was mocked.

The story in Fracutred plus an unexpected plot twist makes us, at least me, find it difficult to distinguish between reality and fantasy. Apart from the slow flow and the boring bit, this film is worth watching. Especially for fans of thriller with an unexpected plot.

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