The Classic – Review

Of the many romantic Korean films that were thrown into the market throughout the 2000s, what made the most impression in memory? Almost certainly the majority of the answers dwell on My Sassy Girl, A Moment to Remember or maybe Windstruck. But, there is one Korean film whose romanticism is able to make me melt and the film is rarely known by film lovers. The title, The Classic.

Kwak Jae-yong is the director of The Classic. For those who are not yet familiar, he is the brain behind the success of two sweet films, My Sassy Girl and Windstruck. In The Classic, Kwak Jae-yong uses many flashback-speaking techniques to tell the contents of the letter read by Ji-hye (Son Ye-jin). While cleaning the house, Ji-hye discovers a cardboard box containing a number of old letters and diaries belonging to her mother, Joo-hee. From what was originally just a fad, Ji-hye actually becomes interested (or even obsessed?) With her mother’s writing. The letter and diary are an outpouring of Joo-hee’s heart when she was infested with romance in her youth. In a story set in the 1960s, Joo-hee who was on vacation at her uncle’s house in the village met with Joon-ha (Jo Seung-woo). The brief meeting turned out to leave an imprint on both of their hearts until Joo-hee gave her a souvenir – a necklace for Joon-haa before separating. Poor Malang. When Joon-ha and Joo-hee seem to be able to unite, Joon-ha discovers the fact that the girl of his dreams is about to be married to Tae-Soo, Joon-ha’s best friend. Meanwhile, at present, Ji-hye is in love with Sang-min (Jo In-Seong) who turns out to be also the target of Ji-hye’s best friend, Soo-kyeong. It seems that the similarity of the story with her mother is what makes Ji-hye unable to let go of Joo-hee’s memories.

Games Online dan Offline The plot sounds a bit confusing? But take it easy, The Classic is easy to follow. Kwak Jae-yong sometimes likes to change his time settings without warning but it doesn’t interfere with watching pleasure. If the time difference is usually marked with a color that might be a bit bleak, in The Classic we see it through the costumes of the players. Which might deceive the audience is the character Ji-hye and Joo-hee, understandably both are played by the same actress so that when the rotation involves these two characters is a bit confused. In witnessing The Classic that must be prepared is a box of tissue. Yes yes yes, I will sound lebay, but this film is able to make me form a mini amazon river at home. Tearful since the second half began. For some people it might be considered what is presented by Kwak Jae-yong is a bit too much, or even tacky. But what is to expect from watching a melodrama like this? As long as the cultivation is good, no problem. Scenes that will end up disgusting at the hands of the wrong filmmaker become very romantic under Jae-yong’s direction.

What is difficult to forget, of course, is the rainy scene, both past and present. Gosh, how many times the rain has been used to provoke romantic moments? Here, Jae-yong wraps it very beautifully, making this super-cliched scene continue to be remembered until now. The soundtrack selection is right! But what does it mean to be a romantic film if the chemistry of the players is poor. Son Ye-jin was perfectly matched by Jo Seung-woo, his pull was so strong and could make the audience excited. Jo In-seong still looked a little surprised but still his chemistry with Son Ye-jin couldn’t be said to be bad. It’s just that when he appeared Ye-jin, it looked like he lost half of his soul, weak and helpless. And, I almost forgot the cinematography that Lee Joon-kyoo shot so beautifully. In addition to the romantic rain scene and the thrill of the heart, there are still a number of other beautiful scenes that are served by Lee Joon-kyoo. For 127 minutes we will not always be treated to beautiful pictures soothing the eyes that will surely make us want to immediately fly to Korea. Yes, the Classic may not be as popular and not as successful as Kwak Jae-yong’s other works such as My Sassy Girl or Windstruck, but overall, The Classic offers a more touching and touching romantic story. So beautiful.

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