Little Woman – Review

Little Women successfully displayed beautifully by Greta Gerwig. As a result, this film won 6 nominations at the Oscar 2020 title.

Little Women tells the story of the lives of siblings from the March family after the civil war in the United States that took place in the 1860s. They are Meg, Jo, Amy, and Beth. These four siblings have the talent and interest to be artists. When growing up, they have different principles and fates, including love.

Drama films with the concept of flashback are more detailed and emotional. The audience doesn’t need to guess the plot or background of the players. However, sometimes this concept is not immediately understood by the audience. Especially if the actors don’t change much physically or sound. Games Online dan Offline

Well, that’s a depiction of the concept of this Sony Pictures film production. Indeed, it takes time to realize the time jump. However, when this flashback works well, guaranteed viewers can feel that the film is heartwarming.

Little Woman
Little Woman

Little Women can be regarded as a film with a soul in it. Everyone who acts perfect. Monologue Jo March is very good at mixing childhood events like a classic fairy tale. We can also feel the warmth and humanity of the March family, such as when they eat on Christmas morning, while sharing food with neighbors in need.

The film is complex because it shows the unrest of American women in the 1800s. Like, the problem of studying, marrying a wealthy man, or achieving goals. Yep, the value of emancipation has been implanted long ago. In fact, when the March family is all female because the head of the family goes to war, they can still be happy and free. Little Women surpasses the great story of young women who have found their place in the world.

We should applaud the makeup artists and costume designers. The era of the 1800s was beautiful because of the costumes worn by the players. Then, the makeup artists who have done an extraordinary job to make the difference between players past and present.

Cinematography is simple and beautiful. Coupled with the presentation of the narration which is also beautiful. Indeed, the visuals are not flashy or bombastic, but they capture every scene and emotion well.

Greta Gerwig as director proves once again that he is a cinematic power to be reckoned with. He brings humanity to each of his characters and becomes an expert at telling stories of serious empathy. This film can be watched with family and intended for children over 13 years.

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