The film Gone Girl is a film directed by David Fincher, which focuses on the story of a wife who disappeared. Remarkably, when viewing this film is like playing a puzzle or even like riding a roller coster. Full of puzzles, mysteries, and don’t know what will happen next. For your information, this Gone Girl movie becomes the David Fincher film with the biggest income replacing the film The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

Amy Dunne (Rosamund Pike) is the author of the famous book Amazing Amy. Amy is married to Nick Dunne (Ben Affleck). But their domestic life is being hit by some serious problems. Starting from Nick and Amy who lost their jobs, the financial crisis, the affair between Nick and his student, Andie Fitzgerald (Emily Ratajkowski), and the unexpected that Amy was a murderer, a psycho.

That morning on July 5 Amy Dunne disappeared. Nick, the husband reported the matter to the local police after Nick saw the contents of his messy house and his wife was not at home. Nick, who is assisted by his sister Margo Dunne (Carrie Coon), searches for Amy for almost a month but Amy has not been found. Suspecting that Amy had not been found, the police suspected that Nick had killed Amy. Because this is reinforced by evidence of blood splattered on the kitchen floor of their house and also three letters from Amy containing instructions. Nick denied the allegation. He insisted that he did nothing or even killed.  

This incident became a hot topic in the mass media that broadcast news of Amy’s disappearance. People hate Nick, they also accuse Nick of killing Amy. To the extent that Nick was constantly being chased by the media crew. Nick was furious with the actions of the mass media crew, the police, and also Amy, who for days had not been reported. Finally Nick collected some instructions contained in the letter. And the clues make Nick feel something odd, feeling that Amy has trapped Nick. It’s as if Nick has killed Amy.

On the other hand Amy apparently left the city where she lived. Amy changed her whole appearance so that it wouldn’t be recognized by many people. Amy, who keeps making it so that Nick, the husband he sees having an affair with his students, is immediately in jail. Before Amy disappeared, Amy had planned it all. From the scene, the letters were in the form of instructions, to Amy’s diary. Everything has been prepared by Amy so neatly and smoothly. Games Online dan Offline

When Amy was at the bar, she suddenly met Desi Callings (Neil Patrick Harris), a former lover when she was in high school. Desi offers Amy to stay at her house near the lake. Amy accepted the invitation. While at Desi’s house, Amy sees Nick on television and makes a statement that Nick is not a good husband and Nick wants Amy to return home. This provoked Amy to create a new scenario in her plan. Amy makes a plan of killing Desi. Amy did this to help Nick so that her husband was not what the public thought.

After killing Desi, Amy returns to meet Nick with blood all over her body. Nick was surprised by Amy’s condition like that. And finally the scenario ends. Nick is no longer accused of being a murderer. Nick now knows that Amy, his wife, is a calculating killer psychopath.

Gone Girl is a film full of mysteries and thrillers, really makes you keep guessing from the beginning of the film and imagine what will happen next. In terms of screenplay, you could say extraordinary. Flynn, as a screenwriter and writer of the Gone Girl novel, is very epic in telling the story of a psychopathic-killer wife with spices of the mystery. Amazing!

The acting of the players is also very brilliant. Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike performed perfect as husband and wife. It deserves a thumbs up for acting from the two main players. Especially Rosamund Pike’s acting, she is totally badass! She is so brilliant. No wonder Rosamund’s brilliant performance in the film Gone Girl has made her nominated as the best actress in several classy awards. Call it Academy Awards, Golden Globes, BAFTA, Screen Actor Guild Awards, Alliance of Women Film Journalists, Austin Film Critics Association, and so forth. So, Gone Girl is a very underrated and overwhelming story that should be enjoyed by all.

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