Starring Mark Duplass and Ray Romano, “Paddleton” tells the story of two men who are best friends. They are neighbors, where Michael (Duplass) lives downstairs while Andy lives right above his apartment room. They spend a lot of time together like eating pizza while watching a kung-fu movie, to playing Paddleton – a squash-like sport, but the goal is to put the bounced ball into a large barrel. Friendship between Michael and Andy was tested when Michael was known to have cancer.

The film is immediately opened by an important scene, without further ado. Michael and Andy were in the examination room and the doctor said that Michael had to see a specialist immediately. Here we will immediately be presented with an “emotional standpoint”, namely Andy and Michael who have become friends. Now, these two people will face enormous challenges and how they both respond to those challenges is something to look forward to. Games Online dan Offline


Sure enough, the film then becomes more interesting when it enters its first turning point. Michael asked for help from Andy, but on the other hand Andy found it hard to do so. It’s simple, because he can’t bear to do that to his own best friend. But what to do, who asked him was his best friend. So what will Andy do next?

Michael and Andy traveled a long distance so that what Michael wanted could be obtained. Not yet completed, this road trip plays its role as it should. Road trips that appear short enough lead us to another surprise that could have been even more unexpected before. A more powerful surprise, which creates a condition of attraction between what is desired and the reality that exists.

“Paddleton” is a simple appreciation of the meaning of a true friend, which is presented very well by the two main actors of this film. Indeed, the concept is again that again, then the nature of the film also tends to be slow, but the dynamics of his friendship never fall into the abyss of boring. Not the type of film that is really mandatory to watch as soon as possible, but if you choose it is definitely a good choice too.

Alex Lehmann who directed this film is indeed good at peeling the intimacy of two individuals in several films.

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