The Last Black Man in San Fransisco – Synopsis

The Last Black Man in San Francisco is an American drama film. The film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. No half-hearted, this film won 2 awards in the event. The awards obtained were the Best Director and Special Jury Prize for Creative Collaboration.

The story of this film centers on the efforts of a man of African American descent. This man named Jimmie Fails.
In the past, Jimmie’s grandfather had built a Victorian house in the Fillmore District, in the middle of San Francisco City. As a child, Jimmie and his family lived in a house built by his grandfather.

For some reason, he had to move from that house and his whereabouts are now unknown. The reason is because of the rapid changes taking place in San Francisco.

When he was an adult, Jimmie wanted to look for the house again. He is not alone. Jimmie was accompanied by his best friend named Mont. Games Online dan Offline

The 120-minute film is directed by Joe Talbot. This film became the first feature film he directed. Joe Talbot also co-authored the screenplay along with the main character, Jimmie Fails. What’s interesting about this film is that some parts of the scene in this film are never experienced directly by Jimmie.

In addition to Jimmie Fails, other actors and actresses who co-starred in this film include Jonathan Majors, Danny Glover, Tichina Arnold, Rob Morgan, and Mike Epps. There is also Finn Wittrock and Thora Birch who co-starred in this drama.

What moral message does The Last Black Man want in San Francisco? Perhaps most striking is the story of friendship represented by its two main characters, Jimmie Fails and Montgomery.

But I feel something deeper from this film, something related to the search for life goals, the perspective of black people in America, and how history and the environment can influence one’s mindset. The best example you can see from Jimmie’s obsession to take back the house that his grandfather built. But once you see what the end of Jimmie’s struggle, beuh … it feels sad beyond measure. Sting your solar plexus.

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