Street Dance 3D – Review

The Crew is a group of street dancers whose members consist of 10 people and often make money by dancing on the streets and then asking for money sincerely from the audience. Even though they often deal with security forces because in their actions they are considered to disturb public order, The Crew remains compact even they are ready to take part in a street dancer contest which will take place in about 5 weeks.

The problem arises when The Crew’s leader, Jay, decides to stop being a street dancer because he will concentrate more on his studies. Because Jay left, the Crew leader was taken over by Jay’s girlfriend, a beautiful girl named Carly.

Carly’s friends at The Crew consider Carly less capable of leading like Jay, so they often refuse Carly’s orders, including orders for training, even though the street dancer contest is only 5 weeks away.

Concerned about the condition of his group, Carly finally drew the conclusion that in order to increase the enthusiasm of his friends for training, it needed a training studio, unlike before training in any place.

This is where the problem is because all members of The Crew are not from rich families so they cannot afford to rent a studio. To overcome this problem, Carly begged Helena a ballet academy instructor to lend her ballet studio as a training ground for The Crew.

To convince Helena, Carly invited her to watch the action of The Crew while dancing on the streets. It turned out that The Crew’s appearance was memorable enough for Helena to allow The Crew to practice in his ballet studio. But Helena also put forward a tough condition that The Crew was allowed to practice in his ballet studio for free but The Crew had to put 5 Helena ballet students as personnel of The Crew then the five ballet students also had to be included in the street dancer contest. Apparently Helena tried to innovate with her ballet education system. Thus The Crew must teach 5 ballet students to be able to dance street dance styles. Games Online dan Offline

Terms from Helena, of course, very difficult for Carly. Not only because the graceful style of ballet dance was very different from the energetic style of street dance, but the 5 Helena students underestimated The Crew, whose personnel were from poor families and also with a dance style that was memorable tacky.

But Carly did not give up, she tried to make the 5 ballet students interested in street dance by inviting them to watch street dance performances from the group of street dancers who won last year’s street dance contest, The Surf.

Carly’s attempt was successful, The Surf’s action amazed the 5 ballet students so that they finally realized that the style of street dance was no less beautiful than the style of ballet dance. Finally 5 ballet students were interested in learning street dance at The Crew.

Now The Crew was able to unite with 5 ballet students then Carly conducted a trial by conducting an unofficial dance competition with The Surf which is located in a pub. It turned out that The Crew with its new formation can keep up with The Surf, as evidenced by a very lively audience welcome.

But there is one thing that makes Carly really shocked that now one of The Surf’s personnel is Jay. So Jay lied when he said he stopped street dancing on the grounds of college, apparently he defected to The Surf.

Carly was very frustrated because her boyfriend had betrayed her until she tried to commit suicide by crashing into a bus that was running, fortunately could be saved by one of 5 ballet students namely Tomas. Not only that, Tomas also managed to restore Carly’s enthusiasm to not just give up on Jay and The Surf. Even more encouraging, Carly and Tomas who realized that it was impossible to turn ballet dancers into street dancers in just 5 weeks finally succeeded in creating a dance choreography that combines street and ballet dance styles and was ready to be featured in street dance contests.

But there is another obstacle, the day of the implementation of the final street dance contest turns out to be the same as the fifth day the ballet students must undergo an audition for the selection of players at a ballet performance. But there is still hope, the ballet audition is held in the afternoon while the final of the street dance contest at night it is decided after auditioning, the ballet students will take part in the street dance contest.

But the reality did not go according to plan, the ballet audition turned out to be late until the evening even though The Crew had been called to perform at a street dance contest. Even worse, before The Surf has performed brilliantly. One of The Crew’s members, Eddie, tried to buy time by performing dancing alone, at first the method was successful but the jury finally called all of the Crew’s personnel to appear or be disqualified.

Luckily Helena had a brilliant idea, the five students were ordered not to audition for ballet but went to take part in a street dancer contest, did they fail the audition? Apparently not because the audition jury was Helena’s friend so Helena could invite the audition judge to take part in the final of the street dance contest and see the five students performing at the contest. Is not the fifth student will also dance ballet because Carly and Tomas have prepared a choreography which is a combination of street dance and ballet.  

Finally, all of The Crew’s personnel including ballet dancers can perform well or even better than The Surf’s appearance so that The Crew was declared the champion of this year’s street dance contest.

This film is quite entertaining because it shows the beauty of dance from 2 different streams namely ballet with its graceful and graceful movements and street dance with its energetic and acrobatic movements. At the end of the film, the two styles were combined so that it was amazing to see the appearance of The Surf with its distinctive feature of dancing in a red military uniform that could be defeated by The Crew who wore white clothes.

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