Not everyone knows Elton John’s real name is Reginal Kenneth Dwigth, because this musician did change his name legally because of his love for blues music. Rocketman‘s musical biopic by Dexter Fletcher even made the name question a vocal point. Mentioned in this film, even Elton John himself tried to ‘forget’ his first name. Because, as he tells us and the group sharing circle – the film begins very interestingly, we see John coming tottering with a devil costume in his pop style – that his relationship from childhood was not so good with his parents. Especially to father. Even though the genius talent in music that he has is a derivative from his father. He is often ignored. Until he grew to become a successful musician and changed his name. People love Elton John, who ironically makes himself more ‘hateful’ with his real self – the poor Reggie Dwight. What an expensive price for recognition!

Elton John is a larger than life persona. But Rocketman landed this character so that we feel John is the same as all of us. No less sad. Every day we see people around us, and also ourselves, trying to do something to be successful in their respective fields. There is an outside proverb that says “work hard until one day you no longer need to introduce your name to everyone”. This film shows us, through the perspective of Elton John, a great musician, the extent to which a person is able to act for the sake of being recognized by people. John was so desperate to be glanced by his father. John is famous, but that’s just his ‘persona. The inner self, the real him, became so insignificant that John himself did not want to recognize. When he discussed setbacks and problems at the sharing meeting at the opening scene, then John called back himself. To see the beauty of the film’s story, I suggest you listen carefully to how John calls himself from the beginning of the story to the end. Feel the change of tone that moves against event by event where he is increasingly ‘destroyed’ which implies awareness that slowly rises within this character. Games Online dan Offline

Therefore; Taron Egerton’s appearance was very riveting. He didn’t just become Elton John. Quick fact: no one can be Elton John like Elton John did. Egerton burst into this role with a special “grace” of his own creation. When you play the character, you live the soul of the character with your own personal approach. As Taron Egerton did here. Egerton sang all musical scenes. Although his voice sounds different from the real Elton John, we see and hear far beyond that. Because the acting appearance that he presents makes us all connect with the soul of the character.

At Rocketman, Dexter Flether no longer hesitate to discuss personal matters. Along with the social issues that accompany it. Never this film feels too cult of the character he tells. Elton John is described more freely than Freddie Mercury in the Bohemian Rhapsody. When highlighted from the ‘bad lights’ light, there is no overprotective effort towards the character, the story even bravely plunges us into the character’s head. And this makes us naturally more concerned and interested in him.

This film feels really alive. The music that is played here is actually played, sung, as part of a storytelling. The singing scene did not just appear when Elton John appeared in front of fans. But it integrates with the emotional needs of the story. Like for example when Little John felt sad, then he then sang. And he looked at his father. Then we hear his father singing along, voicing what he feels. Everyone in this film sings. Dance with choreography, as part of a fantasy that is felt deep in John’s heart.

The film is still fun and interesting because it’s directed in a different way. Biopik does not intend to make himself limited to imitating the original event. But rather as a fantasy about something in someone that has happened. This is what makes it great. A charismatic and emotional appearance of acting. The hypnotic musical scene. Not to mention the idea, a message rooted in the relationship between family members. All of these things succeed in sustaining the perspective of someone who is so different from the others. So that everyone can easily connect with it.

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