Dolemite Is My Name – Review

The film released on Netflix is ​​a biographical drama comedian, a rap singer who became a sensation in the 70s in America because he ‘willingly’ turned himself into a star and film producer – all of whom he did himself. Rudy Ray Moore is not an artist, but he can become so much because of the willingness and determination to realize. Rudy tried everything. At the beginning of the film we see him begging the radio announcer that the R&B album which he recorded himself in his aunt’s living room be played for many to hear. His request was denied. Then we see him spanish as a stand up comedy. Nobody laughed. When Rudy heard the story about “little bad motherfucker called Dolemite” from a bum he was driving out of the store, he was immediately inspired. By story and story style of the bum. So Rudy took a bright suit, dressed in the style of WWE Goodfather, and lived in a Dolemite persona. Rudy’s style is quite powerful. From the stand up, he then sold thousands of copies of the album rapping / telling stories. Rudy wants to be a star as a sign that he exists. The next goal is to make films, appear as movie stars. So that more people will watch and be entertained by it. Next is history, the Dolemite film he made was a successful cult classic, a phenomenon in the American 70s film scene.

As a black skin who actually does not have talent, Rudy is a jack-of-all-trades; he can do many things but nothing he can stand out. She was like Anna in the early days of Frozen, who had seen all her life ‘door’ in front of her face. Aliases are always rejected. So Rudy broke the door for him himself. After becoming famous as Dolemite, Rudy still has difficulty finding investors who are willing to finance the story. Even after the film was finished, he struggled to find a movie theater that wanted to show the film. This is really relatable. Games Online dan Offline Rudy’s struggle does sound quite heroic. However there are complications; the film he is trying to do is not a bad movie. Rudy’s works as Dolemite are not innocent, but full of vulgar, harsh words. The lowest form of entertainment. It is because of this struggle and who is so striving to strive that the film Dolemite is My Name feels very interesting and entertaining.

The process of Rudy and his friends working on films with limited professionalism became a main course for comedy. They turned abandoned hotels into film studios, shooting places, and everything. They don’t even have electricity and steal from the next building. All of their sources are very limited, but Rudy’s shot is high. There are sequences to gather people like the sequences that we usually see in heist films. A lot of humor comes from him trying to convince the real artist he met at the club to become a director. Bringing young short filmmakers to become DOPs – because none of his gang Rudy understands the camera, let alone shooting techniques. He also persuaded theater writers to become script writers; which leads us to a hilarious brainstorming scene. The film they are doing objectively is very bad, but Rudy understands in selling what he wants to sell. So that our laughter, which had led to Rudy and the crew, turned into laughing with them. We share our satisfaction with them.

The lesson we can take from Rudy Ray Moore is that although we move for the sake of passion and dreams, we take action without the need to listen to the words and approval of others, we still need to fill ourselves in to continue to make improvements if we want to progress. Rudy makes entertainment films for his people, but is considered low by critics – he owns every words of them, he even likes to see the film in rough and loose terms. Rudy doesn’t want to make good films, he only makes films that entertain his friends.

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