Adapted from a true story, the film Hustlers tells a group of striptease dancers who survive by draining the purses of wealthy nightclub visitors.

The premise that comes from true stories is the main attraction of the film by Lorene Scafaria. Scafaria who also wrote the film’s script gives the view that the striptease club is not much different from other workplaces.

Full of internal politics and power hierarchies that often change, become new insights to open views about the night world. The relationship between stripris dancers and the majority of customers are entrepreneurs or brokers gives an illustration of the bitterness of the entertainment world.

With flashback storytelling style, we are immediately given a picture of the beginning and end of the story. Unfortunately, the path is slow and twirling at the beginning. While heading towards the climax and end of the film, as if in a hurry to be resolved. Finally, making the true story in the film become less “soul”. Games Online dan Offline

From the start, viewers will be presented with Constance Wu’s character development as Destiny, which will guide the whole story. Yes, only from the perspective of Destiny and her emotional journey when interviewed by a reporter about being a “criminal” dancer striptease.

Through Destiny, we know that Jennifer Lopez as Ramona can be so clever and badass to survive in the entertainment world. The way to be the best at the nightclub or in his new gang, became the inspiration for other characters in acting. In a way, only Jennifer Lopez became a public magnet to watch this film.

Hustlers displays vulgar content, drugs, alcohol, opium drugs, and nudity. This is what makes this STXFilms production film must be labeled 21 years and above.

It could be because of its severity, Hustlers must also be subject to censorship. Some parts must get a sensor blur which unfortunately tends to be inconsistent. In fact, the sensor indicators that Hustlers receives are biased.

One of the things that saved Jennifer Lopez’s action was her scoring. Through sound effects and supported by the soundtracks “Shake That Monkey”, “Make It Rain”, “I Get Money”, and “Werk”, the fraud felt terasa cool ’.

Actually, Hustlers didn’t dig as deep as possible about the original material. Even so, this film managed to leave its mark as a film that shows the strength of women in the world of work and the world of entertainment.

Well, because the film contains strong female characters, this film is not really a feminist film. Hustlers is a film about anger and sadness that has accumulated in our social and economic structure.

Broadly speaking, Hustlers have something delicious about luxury and excitement. Unfortunately, half the film to the end feels rushed and lowers audience expectations.

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