Pain and Glory – Review

What happens if a filmmaker makes a film about filmmaker? A new film “Pain and glory” tries to represent life behind the scenes of a filmmaker. The film Pain and Glory was directed by Spanish director Pedro Almodovar. Appearing as a film that is more dramatic than just melodrama, an autobiography but only on the surface.

Starring Antonio Banderas, there is no doubt about the quality of the film, played by the winner of this Cannes film. Unexpectedly, this film gives interesting surprises throughout the film.  

Films with natural drama that are relatable to real life Antonio Banderas plays the figure of Salvador Mallo who is a famous film director but then fades away. The narration begins with a scene where the famous director gather with the stars he had made several years before.  

The director experiences loneliness, depression and also chronic illness and faces it with solitude. This then made Salvador feel hopeless and when his friend offered heroin to treat his pain, Salvador became addicted with heroin.

The presence of Alberto Crespo, intended as a substitute for Banderas or just a fictional character? Still unclear. Mallo did not like Crespo, but his second reunion became one of the main stories. The film “Pain and Glory” is a film that tells how a person reaches the past, goes from something normative, and then uses it to be reshaped and informed in a new atmosphere.

Don’t worry, this film “Pain and Glory” is not a story about drug addiction even though there is a story about heroin and Crespo, but all of it is very unpredictable and then interrupted with memories from Mallo about his childhood.

Pain and Glory
Pain and Glory

In the flashback story in the film, Penelope Cruz’s expertise as the mother of little Mallo plays the emotions of the audience with strong characters and a tough mother in raising children. Penelope is able to balance the charismatic Antonio Banderas.

Banderas represents the director’s melancholy character, intriguing roles add to the intensity and depth of feeling of the character being portrayed. With the physical condition of the eyes that began to decline, quiet, wrinkled body posture, and isolate themselves, Salvador Appears as a figure who is desperate but still in control of the story.  

“Pain and Glory” the director’s biography Games Online dan Offline

Not excessive if then the film “Pain and Glory” is referred to as an autobiography film from a director. Antonio Banderas several times wearing the property of the director Almodovar’s clothes. Some scenes also have the same beard and haircut. This gesture disguises this autobiography film between reality and the representation of fiction.

However, it is necessary to see this film as a state in which art develops. This film is a film about memory and creativity, young passion and also the loss of one film. “Pain and Glory” is a circle in the idea of ​​self-image.

One of Almodovar’s specialties is his talent for creating character and character transformations, how to direct actors to play with gestures, and create touching melodramas. Not to mention the visual game that is so sudden but can still be enjoyed.

Just look at the beginning of the film we were watched with a scene where Salvador was at the bottom of the pool in a sitting position, it looked like he was meditating but then the scene changed with the scene of Salvador sinking. And blaarrr, the black and dark scenes then changed with scenes of Salvador’s childhood in childhood when in the river with his mother washing clothes. Bright light with sunlight and beauty became one of the scenes depicting Salvador’s childhood life.

The crisis experienced by Salvador is real, but the quality displayed can be refreshing, the audience can feel the burden being lightened, then the audience can also laugh in some of the scenes that are displayed. “Pain and Glory” may be a sad story but still entertaining and gives a sense of humor.

As a depressed man, Salvador uses a variety of colors in his personal life. Like the luxury home or the choice of clothes worn. When his friends visit, they seem like a museum. Only by turning the story back from the beginning, when Mother called him “a bad child”, Salvador found the answer to the problem that had been haunting him.

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