The Battle : Roar To Victory – Review

War must cause casualties. Victims also indiscriminately, old, young, women, men, who are pregnant, who can no longer walk can be the target. This is illustrated in the film The Battle: Roar to Victory.

This film from the South Korea tells the Japanese colonial period. Like the colonized state in general, civilians joined in forming a movement against the invaders. Games Online dan Offline

Hwang Hae Cheol (Yu Hae Jin) led several people to give troops money for the rebellion. He has a dark past. When he was little, his younger brother died in front of him because of the Japanese army.

That made him determined and trained to expel the invaders from his country. In the midst of his mission, he meets with Lee Jang-Ha (Ryoo Joon-Yeol) the leader of the expert firing squad.

The Battle : Roar to Victory
The Battle : Roar to Victory

Lee is considered a younger brother by Hwang. He seemed to see the figure of his brother who died in Lee. While Lee has the last task to guard the border. If the border is separated, Japan will no longer be stopped.

Hwang helped Lee with the assignment. An unequal fight between dozens and hundreds of people is about to take place!

The 135-minute film won’t make the audience feel like sitting in the cinema for a long time. Light story line, scenes that make the heart beat fast until photographing comedy in irony, so fresh spices served throughout the film.

Unfortunately, there are a few comedies that don’t get caught when they talk about the humor of regional languages. Maybe it will be funny for those who understand Korean, the rest? Can only follow the storyline.

This story is also taken from a real incident. The Battle: Roar to Victory was also successful in Korea with 4.6 million viewers.

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