Dark Phoenix – Review

After Avengers finished its sequel in 2019, X-Men also released a cover of the entire series of films in the sequel titled X-Men: Dark Phoenix. In addition to closing, this film also became the last film of Marvel and Fox before finally starting cooperation with Disney Studio.

Dark Phoenix tells the story of Jean Gray (Sophie Turner) who was hit by a mysterious force when he and other X-Men members were on an astronaut rescue mission from the brunt of a solar flare. The power about Jean made him stronger, but he could not control the power and instead hurt all his friends and those around him.

The strength in Jean’s body attracts other evil creatures. Vuk (Jessica Chastain) and her group hunt Jean to help him rule the world. Jean, who was in Vuk’s grip, turned evil and instead attacked his friends. Games Online dan Offline

Dark Phoenix
Dark Phoenix

At the same time, because of that great power, Jean’s past was revealed. His past involves Professor Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) and his father, which makes Jean increasingly unable to control himself.

One thing that is unfortunate is the flow that jumps from one scene to another which makes a little confusion. For example, in the scene where Jean met Vuk at a bar. At that time, Jean controlled the minds of the people in the bar so they could see him as an old man. However, when Vuk came he immediately turned into himself again without any transformation or meaningful explanation.

Another jumping path that makes us confused is the sudden and uneven movement of one scene to another. For example in the Jean and Vuk scene in a bar that suddenly moves directly to the X-Men headquarters that shows the X-Men members who are negotiating. If we are not too concerned about watching it, certainly we will be confused with the storyline.

As the final film from X-Men Saga, Dark Phoenix is ​​expected to be a sweet and memorable ending for X-Men fans. Unfortunately, the opposite happened. This film loses, Dark Phoenix only pocketed $ 120 million. Though the production costs of this film reached $ 350 million.

Seeing the reviews of film critics and the income he achieved, Dark Phoenix did disappoint his fans. Yet in this last film, Dark Phoenix should be able to provide something special and memorable for the audience.

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