The King’s Man : The Golden Circle – Review

Kingsman was not necessarily safe despite successfully thwarting Valentine’s evil mission of destroying the world in the first series of the film Kingsman: The Secret Service. Three years after that, the secret agent group again faced a complicated situation.

It starts with the presence of Charlie Hesketh (Edward Holcroft), a former Kingsman applicant who hunts for Eggsy (Taron Egerton), and is about to destroy the independent agent. Although Eggsy managed to escape from Hesketh’s hunt, not so with Kingsman data.

The data was hacked by Poppy Adams (Julianne Moore), the owner of the world’s biggest drug cartel, The Golden Circle. He hired Hesketh to first destroy Kingsman in order to launch his mission to rule the world. Kingsman’s headquarters was completely destroyed by Poppy. The tailor shop which was the location of the hideout was even destroyed. Games Online dan Offline

Luckily, at that time Eggsy was not at headquarters. Merlin survived because his residence was not included in Kingsman’s main data. As the remaining Kingsman members, they are looking for the last rescue of Kingsman that is kept in a safe in a beverage shop.

The search led the two to a wine refinery in Kentucky, California. Statesman, the name is. It turned out to be an independent undercover agent. There they also found another surprise from the past, unexpectedly still alive.

The KIng’s Man : The Golden Circle

Kingsman must fight with Statesman for a big mission, save the world from Poppy who poisoned people through drugs. Kingsman is still in his style, a secret agent in a neat suit. While Statesman fights like cowboys.

Outside of their battle with Poppy, there are internal conflicts faced, both between Kingsman and Statesman and Hesketh who in fact still haunt Eggsy’s life.

For almost two and a half hours, the treat of Kingsman: The Golden Circle not only shows how the secret agent acts against the enemy with a unique elegant style, but also unique and crisp jokes that are so entertaining.

Unfortunately, a number of action scenes at the beginning of the film that uses CGI technology still feels rough. The storyline is quite predictable, so the sensation to wait for a surprise in this film feels less than the maximum. Also, there are a number of repetitions that make the concept of the sequel storyline similar to the first series. Nevertheless, overall this film is still acceptable and entertaining.

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