Month: January 2020

Confessions – Review

Things are easy to kill for someone who is haunted by revenge, most of the audience may have guessed the ending of the story in several thriller films, but not in this film. A film based on the novel of the same name by Kanae Minato was successfully re-worked by Tetsuya Nakashima. At what point […]

Hope – Review

South Korea is indeed a champion at brewing films that can drain tears. One of them is Hope. What makes this movie so pathetic? The unfortunate fate that befell a child told in this film is based on the true story of Nayoung Case. The title Hope is taken from the meaning of the name […]

Metamorphosis – Review

Gang Gu (played by Sung Dong Il) and his family moved to a two-story house. Even though her second child, Hyun Joo (played by Jo I Hyun) did not like the house, her mother, Myung Ju (played by Jang Young Nam), liked the new house that was bought cheaply. But the pleasure did not last […]

Battle of Jangsari – Synopsis

The film was directed by Kwak Kyung Taek and Kim Tae Hoon and was written by Lee Man Hee and Jung Tae Won. This historical and war genre film stars Kim Myung Min, SHINee Minho, Kim Sung Cheol, Kim In Kwon and Kwak Si Yang. The 104-minute long film was distributed by Warner Bros. Korea. […]

Goodbye Summer – Review

If you have time to live that is not long, maybe some of you will fight for love. When the fate of death is in front of you even though your age is still young, no one can change it. In this Goodbye Summer movie, you are presented with a flowery love story that makes […]

Homme Fatale – Review

Historical film is one type of film that is loved by film fans. Korean historical film titled Homme Fatale is one of the films that will be shown soon. Homme Fatale (Gibang Bachelor) is a film that has a comedy genre. This film is a historical film set in the Joseon Kingdom era. This film […]

A Quiet Place – Review

Hollywood horror films again haunt theaters throughout the world. Entitled A Quiet Place, this film will give you horrors that are not forgotten. In fact, the excerpt is already making you excited! This film tells a family living in a remote place. Sadly, they must live in a quiet atmosphere. Yep, their obligation is to […]

Crazy Romance – Review

The complexity of the relationship is always an interesting theme raised to the big screen, this is a fact that is very difficult to refute. This is because, what is put forward can be a reflection of a person’s life experience or a case study so that the same thing can happen or be avoided […]

Little Women – Review

This film was taken from the classic novel published in 1868 by Louisa May Alcott. Games Online dan Offline Directed by Greta Gerwig is a female director who has received various awards. In 2017, he directed a film called Lady Bird which won the Golden Globe Award for Best Motion Picture. In addition, this film […]

Secret Zoo – Synopsis

Are you fans of Korean films saturated with melodrama genres that dominate? Or … are you thinking of switching to a typical Korean comedy that always makes us laugh out loud so funny? Relax, a new Korean comedy film titled “Secret Zoo” is ready to entertain you! From the name alone, surely you have not […]