Brightburn – Review

The story begins with the couple Tori (Elizabeth Banks) with Kyle (David Denman) who live in the middle of the fields in the town of Brightburn. As a harmonious couple, of course they crave a baby. But until the age of their marriage reaches the fifth year, they do not also have children.

One day, a starship crashed near their home. When looked into it, Tori and Kyle found a baby boy in it. In a desperate condition of wanting a child, both of them took care of the baby and named him Brandon Breyer. Meanwhile, the ship carrying Brandon is hidden under a warehouse.

Brandon also grows like an ordinary child. But he often experiences sleepwalkers or walks while sleeping. Strangely, every time sleepwalking, he will always walk towards the ship that took him. Finally, Tori and Kyle also tell the truth and no longer say that Brandon was adopted.

Instead of resolving, Games Online dan Offline the problem grew even more when Brandon suddenly broke the hand of one of his female friends at school. Tori and Kyle also wonder if there is a problem with Brandon’s psychiatric problem. Before finding the answer, many problems happened in their city.

Actually, it’s not strange if IMDB only gives a rating of 6.7. Aside from the boring story, actually the audience can already guess the storyline. Starting from strange creatures found, normal life, there are oddities, there is murder, then the bad guy in action. It’s a horror movie. There is nothing surprising and wow effect for 1 hour 30 minutes.


On the other hand, international media highlighted Gunn’s courage and thinking out of the box to create an evil character from a child superhero. Hollywood Reporter writes that as a film that writes the myths of Superman from the other side, but also provides applause for Gunn. The reason is, Gunn is able to make us think, does all this time people who we trust be strong and powerful don’t have another side when he is falling, or when he knows the truth? The Hollywood Reporter also highlights Dunn’s ability to collaborate the stories of superheroes and horror.

The problem is, Zetizen doesn’t find the story of a superhero in it except the cloak and mask worn by Brandon. The thing is, with his strength Brandon doesn’t help people or get rid of the bad guys. As a teenager 12 years, Brandon just get rid of people he hates and disrupt his life. Its power to fly, lift cars, read people’s minds, to create static electricity actually also cannot be called a superhero power. Because in various alien or other horror films, that power can also be obtained through supernatural things.

But, Brightburn is worth to see thanks to Elizabeth Banks who plays the mother character well. Her tears, her worries, all combined well. Jackson A. Dunn, the cast of Brandon also deserves a thumbs up. Not only looks innocent, Dunn also looks scary. Psst, he also played 12 year old Scott Lang on Avengers: Endgame.

Besides that, the gore scene in Brightburn doesn’t play around. The sound of splatters of blood or jaws being crushed is guaranteed to haunt your night. That’s why Brightburn was rewarded with an R or PG-13 rating, aka not a show for children.

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