The Kid Who Would Be King – Review

What happens when the ancient British legend is packed with sophisticated visual technology in the 21st century? You should read the following movie review of The Kid Who Would Be King.  

Yep, 20th Century Fox successfully repacked one of the most famous legends in the world to become more modern, so it is far more crispy when eaten by children today.

The exciting story begins when Alex Elliot (Louis Ashbourne Serkis) who accidentally discovers the magic sword Excalibur – a myth in the mid-century era of King Arthur – is stuck in a rock, in a corner of London, after running away from the pursuit of two children who like to oppress in his school : Lance and Kaye. Later these two bullies actually became Elliot’s knights of choice. How come? Well, this is one of the moral messages.  

Unable to resist the curiosity that was bubbling up, Alex pulled out the sword, and sure enough, the story of a magical war had just begun. Because, it is said, anyone who can draw the sword, then he was asked to have a legacy of leadership like King Arthur. But, of course it was not obtained easily and just like that.  

Pulling the sword out of the stone also woke up a queen of darkness in the ground, Morgana (Rebecca Ferguson), to rise and kill the “new king” and seize the Excalibur so that he could enslave humanity forever.  

Of course this was unknown Elliot before, until he brought Excalibur to the house of his friend, Bedders to find out the meaning of the inscription engraved on the sword: Gladius arturi filius tintageli.

“Write it on Google Translate,” Elliot said to Bedders holding a cellphone, to trace the mythical sword “Excalibur” through the Latin translation. “The sword of Arthur, the son of Tintagel.” Thus the sound of the translation.  

Since then, one after another magical signs appeared, which made Elliot feel uncomfortable because a number of soldiers from Morgana’s dark world were terrorizing every night, which made Elliot want to hurriedly return the sword to its original stone. However, his intention was thwarted by Merlin – who disguised himself as a new kid at school named Mertin. Games Online dan Offline

In myth, Merlin is a mythical figure of a good wizard who is often an advocate of the King in his era. In this modern film, he appears as a mysterious 16-year-old boy, before then appearing in the original form of a powerful and powerful old man wearing the Led Zeppelin (a legendary rock band from England).  

After learning how important Merlin was in this myth, Elliot turned into more confident, braver like an ancient knight from England who was so manly and respected. Its mission, thwarting Morgana’s ambition to rule over humanity, as told in the real myth.

“He (Elliot) is an ordinary child who has a great adventure involving various magic, dragons, colors. This is a fantastic adventure! ”Said Joe Cornish, in the preview video of The Kid Who Would Be King.  

At first, the presence of Elliot with Bedders, Lance, and Kaye in the school building, complete with special great robes of British-style war, became a joke and a despicable target by their school friends. Elliot and his friends were mocked as if they were hallucinating instead of being helped.  

What’s more, coupled with the action of Mertin who showed off his transformation skills into an owl, which even convinced the children at the school that Elliot et al were considered half crazy.  

However, it is precisely Mertin’s other skill that is able to hypnotize the principal (Noma Dumezweni), the students change their minds and realize that a really urgent situation is happening, and they must do something, which is nothing but obeying Elliot’s words, then baptized into a war soldier, until ready for combat at night against the invasion of the Morgana fire army.

How did the tense night feud end? Was Elliot helped by his new army to win against Morgana and his very strong fire force? Or even overwhelmed battered?

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