Keanu Reeves is a veteran actor. Whose name skyrocketed after starring in the science fiction franchise The Matrix. Now, after a long absence from science-fiction films, Reeves is back playing in the genre that made his name famous. Through a film called Replicas.

The story focuses on a neuro-scientist named William Foster (Keanu Reeves). He is on the verge of successfully transferring human consciousness into computers. When his wife and three children tragically died in a car accident. Games Online dan Offline

Desperate and overwhelmed with sadness, Foster finally took a desperate step. He decided to break the law and scientific principles: By cloning the bodies of his dead wife and children. Then move their minds into the new body.

However, the illegal project carried out by Foster was finally discovered by Bionyne. The company he works for is located in Puerto Rico. They want to master the replicas of Foster’s wife and children. Because consider it as property owned by the company.

From the trailer released by Entertainment Studios some time ago, the genius scientist played by Keanu Reeves appears. He is trying to raise his family from the dead. Until finally, a new problem arises and approaches him.

Replicas is Lorenzo di Bonaventura’s producer. Former Warner Bros. official These pictures are quite famous figures in Hollywood. He was the one who produced the Transformers franchise. He also had several times worked with Keanu Reeves. Among other things in the Matrix and Constantine franchises.

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