The Lighthouse – Review

Lighthouse is a film produced by two countries, namely the United States and Canada under the auspices of the production house Regency Enterprises, Parts & Labor, and RT Features. This film will be distributed by A24. This horror genre film is directed by director Robert Eggers who also wrote the script along with Max Eggers. The cast is filled by Willem Dafoe, Robert Pattinson, and Valeriia Karaman who act as mermaids.

The Lighthouse tells the story of two men who worked on the lighthouse in 1890. So there is no internet to drive the lonely. The first television was even discovered forty years later. These two people are completely alone on that isolated small island. They only have one for friends to chat with. The problem is, Ephraim Winslow does not believe his seniors who work longer at the lighthouse. The attitude of Thomas Wake who was like a pirate ship captain was quite strange to Winslow. He gave the division of tasks with a slight imbalance; Winslow took care of menial work during the day – fishing for food, transporting fuel for electricity and heating, plus being told to clean the house. While Wake himself was tasked with recording confidential reports and staying up at night guarding the beacon lights in the tower. The only place Winslow should not approach. Negative thoughts towards Wake began to penetrate Winslow’s mind. Alcohol and difficult living conditions indeed make them friends. But the conditions became more intense when they were trapped there once the storm hit. Winslow didn’t know who to trust; to Wake, who was full of nonsense, superstition, and unfair rules – or to his own mind which was slowly going crazy.

The Lighthouse
The Lighthouse

This film is like reminding us that the real problem is not what is brought, but who it is. The horror shown by The Lighthouse is the horror of being trapped, living together, someone we can’t stand. Whether it’s because it’s annoying, because hate, because it’s not in line with the mind, or because it can’t be trusted. Games Online dan Offline

Ambiguous is the special menu of this film. There is no definitive answer. Ending the film that makes scratching ears while mangap it can be used as a key to start an interpretation. What we see is a scene that is quite familiar; an iconic scene from Greek mythology, Prometheus, whose guts are eaten by birds. Prometheus’ sin in mythology is that he tried to steal fire from Gods. This is exactly what we see in the film. Winslow tried to take over the flare tower lights, lights that were forbidden by Wake. There are many clues, both through dialogue and fantasy scenes, which show a direct comparison between film characters and figures in Prometheus mythology. Prometheus’ own story is meaningful about the perception of power (Prometheus) felt he deserved to be a god to humans so he took the action he did – which fits juxtaposed with the story of Winslow and Wake.

What do you think about Winslow and Wake in the lighthouse? Why do you think it’s so important for Winslow to be a lamp keeper like Wake?

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