Mr Zoo : The Missing VIP – Review

Another new Korean comedy film centered on animals! Here it is, “Mr. Zoo: The Missing VIP “. A Korean film that is predicted will achieve success because the plot is unpredictable and very unique.

If you are bored with Korean films that have lots of heartbreaking romantic genres, this is your choice! It would be nice if you take a break from the drama genre and laugh happily enjoying this Korean film.

This film tells the life of a man named Joo Tae Joo, played by veteran actor Lee Sung Min. In “Mr. Zoo: The Missing VIP ”, he acts as an agent. He also became an agent intended for NIS.

By his superiors, he was assigned to do anything to protect the VIP. This is of course done in order to keep the VIP safe and do not happen things that can harm the VIP. Games Online dan Offline

Mr.Zoo : The Missing VIP
Mr.Zoo : The Missing VIP

Unfortunately, at one time a very unwanted thing happened. At that time, there was an incident in the form of a sudden accident which was detrimental. In that incident, unfortunately the VIP suddenly disappeared and agent Joo Tae Joo actually fell.

Of course, this accident is very bad for all parties involved. Moreover, Tae Joo was forced to fall and bear many wounds. What a big disaster!

However, it turns out that the accident did not only bring disaster. After he fell, Joo Tae Joo actually received a strange and unique gift. How come? Agent Joo Tae Joo can now hear and understand animal sounds!

It is strange and does not make sense indeed, but indeed it is. Tae Joo got the gift and this really helped her to find a VIP. He was with Ali’s military dog, looking for ways to be able to find a VIP again.

The film was directed and scripted by Kim Tae Yoon. In football terjangnya as a director, he is not exactly a beginner in the world of cinema. He has directed a number of films such as, A Cruel Attendance (2006), Another Family (2014), and New Trial (2017).

The film also presents a number of actors and actresses who are already good at acting. You name it, Lee Sung Min, Kim Seo Hyung, Bae Jeong Nam, to Kal So Won. The 114-minute film is scheduled to air on January 22, 2020. Don’t miss their funny experiences with the animals in this film!

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