Enter The Fat Dragon – Review

Donnie Yen has ended his role as a Wing Chun martial arts legend. Ip Man 4: The Finale, released December 20, 2019, became Donnie’s last film in the field of kung fu and played the legendary figure. Even so, Donnie Yen doesn’t really quit acting. Soon, the 56-year-old actor will release his latest film. In the film, Donnie also experienced body changes that are so drastic. Like what? Games Online dan Offline

If in previous films, Donnie Yen appeared with a slender body wrapped in a kung fu robe, now Donnie is wearing a casual dress with a large body that makes the panling because it is almost not recognized. Donnie Yen is said to be a cop fighting crime in Hong Kong and Tokyo.

In the film, Donnie Yen is left behind by a fiancé, which breaks her heart and vents her by continuing to eat until her weight reaches 120kg. But don’t worry, quoted by Taiwan News, Donnie Yen’s fat body is only part of the special makeup. Cissy Wang’s husband did not really raise his body.

Different from his character as a gentle and simple Ip Man, in this film Donnie Yen creates a fresh character to make his fans happy. Because the film Enter the Fat Dragon is indeed carrying the comedy-action genre.

In Enter the Fat Dragon, Donnie Yen plays the character as Fallon Chu, a Hong Kong police officer in a special unit. He was dumped by his fiancée, which broke his heart and indulged himself in food to relieve loneliness. In a short time, Donnie Yen’s body became very fat.

Even so, his large body did not stop his agility in the task. He remains a reliable and role model fighter. But when he was assigned to a case of famous criminals in Japan, his abilities were not the same as his personal life. I wonder why? Look forward to the release of Donnie Yen’s film.

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