Vanguard – Synopsis

This film is a place to reunite Jackie Chan with his old best friend, director Stanley Tong. Vanguard is scheduled for release to coincide with the moment of the lunar new year.

Vanguard tells about security guards. They became the last hope to save the life of a businessman and his daughter who was taken hostage for being the target of the world’s deadliest mercenary operation. Games Online dan Offline

This film tells the story of the struggle of the security guards in the rescue mission of the businessman. Judging from the trailer, the film will be filled with shooter-shooters.

Not an easy thing for Jackie Chan in undergoing the process of shooting. The 65-year-old actor claims he almost drowned during the jet skiing scene. Jackie tells that he was trapped under a rock and could not escape.

During the incident, Jackie Chan tried to calm down and told himself not to panic. Until finally, Jackie was saved. He was still smiling and even entertaining the director and the crew who cried to see the incident.

Vanguard is scheduled to be released at the moment of the Chinese New Year on January 25, 2020. Usually, this new year’s moment is indeed enjoyed for a vacation.

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