Confessions – Review

Things are easy to kill for someone who is haunted by revenge, most of the audience may have guessed the ending of the story in several thriller films, but not in this film. A film based on the novel of the same name by Kanae Minato was successfully re-worked by Tetsuya Nakashima. At what point is the success that made the film such a thriller hunter? Alright, we will enter the opening film. Games Online dan Offline

The sky is dark, a sign that it will rain that day. Takako Matsu as Yuko Moriguchi who plays the role of a middle school teacher opened the class with a recognition that he would resign from the school. And an excitement broke out, excitement in the style of middle school children who were waiting for an announcement to come home early or on a day off. Back in the Confessions, after Yuko Moriguchi declared she would step down, then she told me about her child who was killed by two students in the class. Suddenly the class atmosphere that was previously rejoicing, turned into something tense, the terror played by Yuko managed to make the attention of students explode.

As a thriller connoisseur, the end of the story with the process of killing may be cliched, predictable and does not burn emotions. However, in contrast to this one film, the ending of a sentence, “finally I know, the sound of loss is not a plop, but JGER!” Will blow up, or blow away the compassion and other feelings of revenge.

Plot twist and all kinds of psychological conflicts develop slowly and then go their separate ways to make the audience undermined by feelings of pity, even though served with revenge

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