South Korea is indeed a champion at brewing films that can drain tears. One of them is Hope. What makes this movie so pathetic? The unfortunate fate that befell a child told in this film is based on the true story of Nayoung Case.

The title Hope is taken from the meaning of the name of the main character in this movie named Sowon. Within 2 hours, this film will make the audience mixed feelings. Between exasperation, annoyance until sad emotions stir in the heart. Sol Kyung Gu as Dong Hoon or Sowon’s father, Uhm Ji Won as Mi Hee or Sowon’s mother, Lee Re as So Won. Games Online dan Offline

So Won is a little girl who is only 8 years old. He goes to elementary school which is not too far from home. Every day, he walks alone because his mother is busy guarding the shop and her father works in the factory.


When it rains, Sowon walks to school wearing yellow paying. 100 meters from the school gate, he was suddenly blocked by an old man. No one thought that this man who had just come out of prison would hurt him. As a result, Sowon’s body was injured and his genitals had to be installed with fake anus for the rest of his life.

His father and mother, Sowon, who did not believe this news were shocked. This also made Sowon mentally experience severe shock. He had refused to chat with his father for some time because of severe injuries he suffered.

As parents, Sowon’s father and mother tried their best to make their children recover while catching the culprit. Sowon also took therapy from the Sunflower Foundation to restore his psychological recovery. However, when Sowon’s condition had greatly improved, the trial of the suspect asked Sowon to appear as a witness.

Had been upset, finally Sowon was willing to come to the trial. In this court verdict, Sowon gave a witness about the face and uncle who hurt him. Unfortunately, in this trial the suspect was only sentenced to 12 years in prison.

Although the victims’ families were disappointed, they had to live their lives. Although the verdict cannot satisfy the Sowon family, but the ending of this story was made happy because of the birth of Sowon’s new sister.

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