Metamorphosis – Review

Gang Gu (played by Sung Dong Il) and his family moved to a two-story house. Even though her second child, Hyun Joo (played by Jo I Hyun) did not like the house, her mother, Myung Ju (played by Jang Young Nam), liked the new house that was bought cheaply. But the pleasure did not last long. On the first night of the move, they heard a strange voice coming from the next house.

They feel a little strange with their neighbors. Shortly there was an incident where the neighbor was hanging a dead cat in front of the window of Gang Gu’s house and to damage the chair of his youngest son, Kim Kang Hoon. Gang Gu who could not contain his emotions went to look for his neighbor and he found something unexpected in his house. The neighbor’s house is filled with scary animals and scary homeowners. Gang Gu who felt uncomfortable immediately left the house in a hurry. After experiencing something like a nightmare, strange things happened to the Gang Gu family.

Unlike before, Gang Gu’s wife looks more often angry and devoured food like a starving animal for several days. When their youngest child took a side dish, he approached, saying, “Where is the side dish!”, Spilling on the table. At night when the whole family was shocked by the incident, Myung Joo felt better. When everyone is in chaos, Gang Gu suddenly starts attacking the first child, Sun Woo (Kim Hye Joon) and the second child, Hyun Joo. The two brothers desperately ran away from Gang Gu but found a dead end. At that moment, they heard a voice from below saying “What’s there?”


With statements like, “There seems to be something strange in this house. Last night I saw two fathers, “then finally Sunwoo asked his uncle, Jung Soo (played by Bae Sung Woo), a priest who chases evil spirits. Jung Soo has heard this story from his family saying that there is someone else in this house besides you guys. Jung Soo, who doesn’t know who the creature will turn out to be, says don’t trust or listen to anyone because the devil can change into anyone. Games Online dan Offline

The Metamorphosis film is a film in which the devil transforms into a human and disturbs a family, unlike the usual horror films which only feature evil spirits. The devil turns into one family and brings terrible changes to those who believe in each other. Doubt and fear without end, generate anger and hatred. The unpredictable story line about who will become the devil and the composition of the unknown angle of the first person appearing in the middle of the film prevents us from relaxing until the end of the film.

This film also has disadvantages. The Metamorphosis film goes deeper into family stories rather than taking horror stories. The appearance of ghosts and exorcism only puts families in faith. The storyline in the film is also predictable. For viewers who expect extreme fear, don’t expect too much about this film, because overall the film can also be seen by viewers who don’t like horror films.

But this shortcoming was covered up by actors who performed extraordinary acting. Sung Dong Il who wields a gun with a crazy face and acting that Jang Young Nam turns into strange increases the tension in this film. They play the role of the devil that differs 180 degrees from the figure of the father and mother they play.

Some newcomers also showed a unique presence among veteran actors. In particular, Kim Hye Joon, who played an active role in the film Another Child and the drama Netflix Kingdom, gave a new appearance in the film Metamorphosis. In this film we can see the amazing transformation of all actors. Jo I Hyun also attracted the attention of the audience with his extraordinary performance.

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