Goodbye Summer – Review

If you have time to live that is not long, maybe some of you will fight for love. When the fate of death is in front of you even though your age is still young, no one can change it. In this Goodbye Summer movie, you are presented with a flowery love story that makes you sad.

Goodbye Summer is a romance genre. In 71 minutes, exposed a sad love story that must end in the last summer of a student who is sick.

Hyun Jae is a student who returned to school in high school. In contrast to teenagers in general, Hyun-jae spends most of his time in the hospital. Suffering from a chronic illness made him have to be treated intensively. He was sentenced to have a long life.

Goodbye Summer
Goodbye Summer

Then, Games Online dan Offline he decided to go back to school when summer came. That’s when he can meet with Soo Min. This girl is indifferent and prefers to study. Having watched Soo Min for a while, Hyun-jae decides to approach him.

Not too long to wait, Hyun Jae expressed his joy to Soo Min. from then on, Soo Min began to open his heart slowly. After school, he often spends time with Hyun Jae. As simple as sitting in the field, this can make them both happy.

Unfortunately, Hyun Jae did not tell Soo Min that he was suffering from an illness that would take his life. But sooner or later Soo Min found out about this fact. He was angry because he felt Hyun Jae was selfish. He doesn’t think about his feelings when Hyun Jae really died and disappeared from before him.

Finally, a middle ground was found. To commemorate Hyun Jae’s first and last love, they both recorded confessions on the field. With this short video, Soo Min can remember Hyun Jae’s face when he misses.

Compared to drama, the words that are uttered between Hyun Jae and Soo Min are indeed far from romantic. However, that’s what makes it more used in the heart.

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