Homme Fatale – Review

Historical film is one type of film that is loved by film fans. Korean historical film titled Homme Fatale is one of the films that will be shown soon. Homme Fatale (Gibang Bachelor) is a film that has a comedy genre.

This film is a historical film set in the Joseon Kingdom era. This film tells the story of a young man named Heo Saek. Heo Saek is a cute and fun man. Ms. Heo Saek is a gisaeng and since childhood she lived in a gibang. Gibang is a place where gisaeng work.

Frequently interacting with gisaengs makes Heo Saek become interested in the gisaeng world. He became the first male gisaeng in Joseon. At that time was the time when women often experience oppression.

Meanwhile, there is a beautiful woman named Hae Won. Hae Won is a woman with forward thinking. Heo Saek and Hae Won are two different people. But with all the differences they have, they try to find true love.

Homme Fatale

The film was directed and written by Nam Dae Joong. Homme Fatale is the second film he directed and wrote after The Last Ride (2016). Games Online dan Offline

This film which was distributed by Pancinema starred 2PM boy member Lee Joon Ho.
While the main female character is played by beautiful actress Jung So Min. In addition, there are also other artists such as Ye Ji Won, Choi Gwi Hwa, Gong Myung, Shin Eun Soo, and Yoon Ji Wook.

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