A Quiet Place – Review

Hollywood horror films again haunt theaters throughout the world. Entitled A Quiet Place, this film will give you horrors that are not forgotten. In fact, the excerpt is already making you excited!

This film tells a family living in a remote place. Sadly, they must live in a quiet atmosphere. Yep, their obligation is to always maintain calm. The thing is, if they make the slightest sound, a mysterious entity will emerge that will hunt them down. In fact, they can get terror without stopping if speaking or communicating with other family members.

The synopsis and the clips are already able to illustrate some of the horrors of the film. Yep, this film is filled with silence and tension that can be surprising at any time. Since the snippet, maybe you’re curious about the creatures that will hunt them. Of course, your curiosity will be answered when watching the film.

Although not clearly told, this film takes a postapocalyptic background. Yep, the future when the Earth is in an invasion of terrible creatures. Cultivation of the story of A Quiet Place is arguably simple. The thing is, it only focuses on how to survive a family. Interestingly, this film is mostly told in silence.

So quiet, 95% of the dialogue between players using sign language. You can’t have the slightest sound. Even the footsteps must be slow. You can even hear the sound of water that you gulp when watching. So, can you imagine, right? How lonely is this film?

A Quiet Place will be a spectacle of fresh horror and thriller. You see, in addition to the horror, you will be presented with nuances of puzzles in each scene. However, there are no surprises or plot twist in the story. The flow flows just like that. Uniquely, you will be told how to muffle the sound with objects or the behavior of the players. Games Online dan Offline

Horror films are not complete without a jump scare. Your tension will be made up and down. In a way, the jump scare of this film is almost the same as Insidious (2010) which doesn’t give you any slack. You will be frustrated and curious when watching. You could say, Krasinski managed to work on the horrors in this film with intelligence.

In terms of quality horror is also equipped with strong drama elements. Your emotions will carry over with the premise of a family that looks after each other. There are topics about trust, affection, and self-sacrifice that will touch your heartstrings.

Yep, the struggle of all family members will make you sympathize with them. If counted, this film only has eight players, including extras. Krasinski himself, besides being a director, also played the role of a father named Lee Abbott. Then, there is Emily Blunt as Evelyn Abbott, the mother figure. Both managed to build strong chemistry. Of course this is inseparable from their lives as husband and wife in the real world.

Besides the two of them, there were Lee and Evelyn’s children who were played well by the cast. Millicent Simmonds played Regan Abbott, Noah Jupe as Marcus, and Cade Woodaward as Beau. Meanwhile, the other three players are only extras. It’s quiet, right?

This 90-minute film presents cool cinematography. A Quiet Place proves that horror does not only occur at night or in dark conditions. During the daytime and even in bright conditions the atmosphere was tense and terror struck.

In terms of sound effects there is no doubt. Even though only 40% of the tones or music are played, this film has successfully made you tense throughout the film. You don’t need tense tones like an Insidious and The Conjuring franchise, A Quiet Place is ready to give the feel of horror throughout the film.

Previously, Krasinki directed Brief Interviews with Hideous Men (2009) and The Hollars (2016). Both are very different comedy drama films from A Quiet Place. Krasinski also participated in writing the script and became the main actor. However, he was not alone. You see, in writing the script, he was accompanied by Bryan Woods and Scott Beck.

Krasinski’s success in this film is not only in terms of jump scare and scoring, but also in terms of the story. If seen further, Krasinski presents the story not to tell the root cause of the existence of the creature. In fact, this film emphasizes the problem of families who must survive the attack with a short and not wordy.

If you like horror films, especially horror-thrillers whose contents are not ghosts, the film A Quiet Place could really be an option.

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